5 Tricks You Can Do To Make Your Smartphone Work Faster


Remember those times when your smartphone was young and worked stunningly fast? The longer we use smart devices, the faster they get a tendency to slow down a little. But it can be avoided!

Today we are going to share a few pieces of advice on what to do to make your beloved smart device work as fast as it did the first time you bought it and stop irritating you with their doubts about the quick response to your commands.

Sometimes, it is just enough to restart. IT professionals have a unique piece of advice to deal with all the technical problems, “Have you tried to turn it off and on again?” So when the phone suddenly begins to act very slowly, first try to turn it off and on again. Maybe this tip makes you smile, but in fact, it frequently works pretty well.

Renew. Newer after all, often means better? Manufacturers always find ways to how to make smart devices operate faster. So, naturally you should check on that periodically and look if there are some new operating system updates available.

In Android OS devices, do the following: Settings – General Settings – About the device – Software Updates. In – IOS: Settings – General – Software Update. And if you have Windows Phone devices: Settings – Phone update.

Smartphone manufacturers with new operating system updates often correct various errors which might be making a device work slower. So, there are a lot of chances, that with the latest version of the operating system, you will make your phone faster.

Sometimes it is helpful to start from the beginning. If you are using a smartphone for a very long time, it is sometimes useful to restore the phone to its factory settings. If you do this, the phone will return to its “original” state, meaning that all settings will be the same as it was just purchased.

Before beginning wiping your smartphone, do not forget to save your personal data (contacts, photos, videos, and other files), because after the wipe all files will be gone. Virtual clouds might be quite handy here for that reason, or you can just get a USB card and copy your documents in there (especially right now is a pretty perfect time to get one nice and good looking USB – Amazon shares their superb coupons, and we strongly recommend you trying them out).

Delete all the fun, but never used apps. Sometimes the phone can run slowly for the sole reason that its memory is almost full. All games, never used apps, failed, or mistakenly shot pocket photos, take up a lot of space. This should free up your phone memory. It gives the phone “freedom” once again to act quickly and smoothly.

And to check how much space your virtual assets take, do this: Android users: Settings – General Settings – Storage; IOS: Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage; Windows Phone: app Storage Sense.

Smartphone may slow down, because of malware or spam. We all know that viruses and other malware can force the regular PC to run slower. The same situation applies to the smart phones too. Quietly hidden virus can use your precious device resources for its bad piece of work.

Therefore, we recommend installing anti-virus software applets, such as BitDefender Antivirus or AVG Antivirus Security. Also, you should know that over time, some useless garbage can appear. For Android users, for example, it is useful to get a Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) applet, which is a few clicks clear the remnants of old apps and other unnecessary debris.

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