Addictive Free Mac OSX Games


free mac osx gamesIf you have a computer that is based on the Mac OSX operating system and you love games a lot, then I bet you already know that there are not as many cool games as on the PC, than what you will be able to play on the MAC. This is because the Windows based PC has been exposed more to the market and it was cheaper than what Apple could offer. Here are though, some games that you will be able to have fun with while on the Mac OSX.

1. SARGE or The Search and Rescue Game Environment is a very addicting game and it is based on the tutoring system of searching and rescuing different people. If you want, you will be able to have The Search and Rescue Game Environment successfully used as a simulator. I have been using it in my laboratory for around 12 months now and I am completely satisfied with it.

2. If you want to play fast action paced games with your friends and have a lot of fun, then you are no doubt looking for Tiny Tumblers. Just pick a theme that will have you described best, get a level pattern and get ready to start shooting and winning!

3. If you are a parent and have a baby, then you will find that KeyWack is the perfect game for him. We all know that babies just love to bang on the keyboard and if you are someone who wants to make your baby happy, then KeyWack is the game you need to introduce him to!

4. Raidcall is very efficient if you are engaged into a game that needs communication between the members in order to win the round. If you play Quake 3 arena like I do, then you will find this piece of software very useful. Winning the game will from now on be very easy!

5. Pac man is a game that everyone loves and you will be able to play it on the Mac OSX without any problems. You will need to have Java installed though and the first time when you will start it up, it will take some minutes.

6. If you love WOW and you would like to be able to assess a player’s Gear level, then GearScore is the software you need. Just make sure to move your mouse over any player in the game and you will see everything he has. Simple as that!

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