5 Attractive Aluminium iPad Cases

Apple iPad is an expensive,  adorable device and protecting it with a suitable case seems to to be the next thing every one does after investing an ample amount of money on it. There are a plethora of iPad cases from different  manufacturers and designers which vary in terms of material of construction used, design, functionality, bulkiness and more. Aluminum iPad cases are a unique variety of iPad cases which give a completely different look to your iPad than other mundane iPad cases and also equip it with substantial rugged protection.

In this post we have collected aluminium iPad cases that will add a solid layer to your precious little device. You might also want to take a look over at the best cydia apps and cool iPad cases.

1. ColorWare Aluminum iPad Case with Handle

ColorWave is a unique iPad case made from aircraft grade aluminum with an array of colors to choose from. Your iPad sits securely in it and with its handle and design it looks like a briefcase. Also, the handle adjusts suavely, thus enabling you to use your iPad with one hand.  The fitting tools that come with the case ensure end to end protection and also the elevated linings along the edges adds and extra layer of bumper protection.

Price:$300|  ColorWare Aluminum iPad Case with Handle

2. Logitech/ZAGG Aluminum iPad Keyboard Case

This multi-purpose case from ZAGG has an aircraft grade aluminum shell and an inner padding for maximum rugged protection against shocks, bumps, scratches, dust and other abrasions. The case also features a fully functional and responsive Scissor technology Logitech Keyboard which connects via Bluetooth to your iPad and has batteries of its own so that you enjoy laptop like experience on your iPad. The case has a smart groove that helps you to use and view your iPad comfortably in portrait or landscape mode.

Price: $70.00 | Logitech/ZAGG Aluminum iPad Keyboard Case

3. BoxWave iPad Keyboard Buddy Case

This case provides an appreciable protection to your iPad and paradoxically is light weight because of durable yet lightweight anodized aluminum. The anodized Aluminum gives the feel and texture of iPad’s already ingenuous design and its firm fitting shell fits your iPad perfectly even when it is closes, and of course without compromising the compactness of your device.

The case also acts as a smart cover which turns your iPad to sleep or wakes it up when you lift it up from the case. The case comfortably hold your iPad in landscape view at a perfect angle to maximize typing and viewing experience.

Price: $44.95  | BoxWave iPad Keyboard Buddy Case

4. MiniSuit Apple iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case

This iPad case from MiniSuit is made from light weight aluminum and internally has a micro suede lining to protect your iPad’s screen from scratches, dust and other elements. It also has an in-built Bluetooth responsive keyboard embedded in the aluminum shell which has batteries of its own and also a USB charging option to maximize your working, commuting or entertaining experience.

Price: $32.95  | MiniSuit Apple iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case

5. E-Stand White Aluminum iPad Case With Bluetooth Keyboard

This cool White Aluminum iPad case from E-Stand is made from lightweight, durable premium grade aluminum to protect your iPad from shocks, bumps, dust, scratches and other abrasive elements. The case can be used as a comfortable viewing stand or in combination with its Bluetooth fully responsive keyboard to maximize, working, typing, chatting experience on your iPad.

The keyboard features Scissor Switch technology, the same technology used in laptop keyboards. It also features some special function keys for music control, volume control and more straight from your keyboard. The keyboard has batteries of its own and embeds smartly in this case’s large, flat aluminum base use on a soft or uneven surface.

Price: $24.13 | E-Stand White Aluminum iPad Case With Bluetooth Keyboard

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