How to Backup and Restore an iPhone

Many people don’t know how to backup and restore an iPhone. Many people worry about losing their iPhone and all the valuable data they had on it. Losing a valuable device like iPhone could be an expensive loss but losing your data could be the worst nightmare. It is always advisable to create back up of your contacts, music, videos and other data from your iPhone while you are installing new iOS version or jailbreaking your phone.

Afterall, you can always recover a stolen iPhone using FindMyiPhone but there is little you can do about what the thief does with your data, especially if you are late to remote-lock your iPhone.

It’s always a great idea to back up your iPhone regularly, so that you don’t lose any of your valued data.

These are the few ways that can be used to backup your iPhone. If you have a Mac, you might also tryout SyncMate. SyncMate syncs your Mac with one than just an iPhone.

Automatic synchronization by using iTunes:

There is nothing much to worry about as once you connect your iPhone to your primary computer ( i.e. the computer where you got your iTunes installed for the first time.) the iTunes automatically sync itself with your device, not only your music is synchronized but iTunes also creates a backup of your phone. That means it will create backup of all your contacts, videos, applications, notes and even your settings/preferences etc.

Backing up your iPhone also saves all of your applications by saving all its data through your iTunes profile. It can be kind of useful if you have spent quite a lot of bucks on buying some of these apps. So, through your backup you can re-install all your iPhone apps again without having to re-download them from the App Store. So, if you have lost all your data, you can revive it again through these backup stored on your system. Even if you don’t really put lot of stuff in your iPhone frequently you should sync it regularly to ensure you don’t lose much of your stuffs even if something odd happens.

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Manual backup

Your iPhone actually is sync and backed up every time you connect it to your primary computer, but if you want to create a backup manually, it’s quite simple:

How to backup your iPhone:

This will create a current backup of your iPhone.

How to Restore your iPhone from a Backup?

In order to restore the information or data from a backup, connect your iPhone with the computer you normally synchronize with. Then follow the following steps:

Another method:

So, by these methods you can backup and restore your iPhone. iTunes actually overwrites the old backup files by new one. So, if you want to backup your device to a certain date in history we will advise you to create a backup of your backups. Inception style.

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