Carbonite Review, Online Cloud Backup – My Story

Carbonite Backup

Insurance is a funny thing.  It seems like a total waste of time and money until you actually need it.  Then, you thank your lucky stars that you were so wise to have bought it and protected yourself which brings me to my Carbonite review.

Why people spend their days and nights pouring themselves for work and personal into their computers and then do not have the same insurance policy is mystifying to me.

However, I was one of those people who literally runs his business online and on my various desktop and laptop computers.

Yet, I was simply too lazy to back-up.

It seemed like such drudgery especially back in the day when a back-up meant actually having to spend time picking files, and trying to organize everything onto another hard drive, which always seemed to be a configuration nightmare, onto rewriteable CD’s or even other media such as USB.

Then, along comes the cloud.  Suddenly a back-up system like Carbonite makes lazy people like me the model of responsibility and efficiency.  But, it took a completely disastrous hard drive failure to actually compel me to become a responsible computer citizen.   I innocently fired up my main system a little over a year ago and got the dreaded text screen with the error that was a code — those are always fun.  Letters and numbers and no explanation.  So, like any tech savvy person I decided I would fix this issue through the reboot.  Again, it happened.   How about one more time this time standing on one leg.  Failure.  Which leads me to my Carbonite review.

Panic sets in.  I mean, this computer was my livelihood and the amount of information sitting on that hard drive that I could not retrieve was mind numbing.  Not to mention all of the family vacation photos I had setup, important personal documents, tax return files, and hey, even my music.  I needed my Mumford and Sons and U2 — well, probably not as much as I needed my tax files.  But, still….

As it turned out I had to work at this for about a week and finally was able to get my hard drive removed and into another system as a slave drive where I was at least able to get most of the data off of it.  The amount of lost productivity that I’ll never get back was overwhelming and to think it all could have been avoided if I simply……………BACKED UP!

With that I searched for a solution.  There are a number of choices out there.  Mozy.  eVault.  Sugar Synch.  Dropbox.  You name it.

My search though led me ultimately to Carbonite and it has been a dream for me.

Why?  Because I don’t have to do anything.  The whole process is automated.  And, even more important I had a certain software application crap out on me just a few weeks ago.  I was easily able to restore the most current back-up of just that application and was up and running in 5 minutes.  So even if you’re whole system doesn’t fail, Carbonite can help you restore even prior versions, data files, or just help you correct a really sloppy action liking hitting delete when you meant to hit save.

We know features are important to you check out this feature-set:

  • Automatic backup while you work or play – Carbonite will run in the background and protect you – updating to your internet whenever changes are made but you’ll never even know it’s happening.
  • Unlimited backup space – every Carbonite subscription is unlimited
  • US-based customer support  – need help?  It’s always there.
  • Rest easy knowing your files are safe, Carbonite uses the strongest and most powerful encryption technology.  All your files are encrypted BEFORE they leave your computer.  You are the only one who can ever see, use or restore your files.  Don’t forget you can do this all online – you can immediately restore files, folders or your whole set of data.
  • The most reliable data centers that are guarded 24/7 and are completely state of the art secure.
  • Access your files anytime from anywhere.  Including your smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy file recovery  – it takes just a few moments and restore is on…..or if you need to have your backup mailed to you in the event of disaster that can be arranged as well.
There are Carbonite plans for home users, multiple computers and notebooks in your home, small business and large enterprises.  Whatever fits you best there’s a solution.


My advice?  Don’t go another minute without Carbonite Online Backup.  It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s easy and you can be lazy just like me but act completely responsibly with your data and livelihood.


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