Cheap iPad Cases: 5 Affordable Cases You Can’t Miss

iPad Tablet PC Black Leather Case

Apple iPad is an expensive gadget and protecting it is almost like a natural instinct that comes to our mind after investing the money on it. While there are expensive cases available in the market that provide protection and some other cool features, there are also the cheap cases that almost anyone can afford.

Our aim in this post is to present you with a collection of cheap iPad cases that are easy on your pocket. These provide you with a collection of cool, sleek, elegant, suave look while at the same time cost you less than $15.  These case are made from variety of materials ranging from silicone, rubber, plastic to neoprene and leather.

Without further ado, let’s get to this list of iPad cases that don’t cost much and provide decent protection to your iDevice at the same time.

1. MiniSuit Leather Carrying Case Cover/Folio


This cheap iPad case from Minisuit is smartly made to provide a decent protection and functionality for your iPad. The case   can be adjusted in 13 different settings to provide ease of viewing and typing on your iPad.  Also, has a secure flap to ensure that your iPad sits in safely.

Price: $6.79 | MiniSuit Leather Carrying Case

2. Case Logic VLS-110 Sleeve

This ultra protective cheap case for your iPad provides a dual layer of protection against bumps, scratches, abrasion and other elements with its durable dobby nylon and thick foam double layers. Externally, its ultra-suede grip facilitates easy removal from backpack, bag or tote.

Price: $9.48 | Case Logic VLS-110 Sleeve

3. Devise Hard Plastic Back Case Cover

This precisely cut and fit case provides moderate protection to your iPad from dust, scratches, bumps and dirt with its quality hard plastic material. The case is elegantly designed and its well proportioned colors gives your iPad unique and vibrant looks.

Price: $15.73  | Devise Hard Plastic Back Case Cover

4. iPad Tablet PC Black Leather Case


This folio type cheap iPad case provides quality protection from accidental bumps, scratches and other day to stresses. While doing that it also enhances over all experience on your iPad plus its compact book like design makes it easy to carry.

Price: $8.90 | iPad Tablet PC Black Leather Case

5. Wood Pattern PVC Back Smart Cover

This case is actually made from a perfect blend of PVC and PU which is elegantly finished to equip your iPad with wood pattern eco-friendly look. Besides providing standard protection this case also acts as a smart cover, which means your iPad can turn on or go to sleep automatically whenever you open or close it.

Price: $15.40 | Wood Pattern PVC Back Smart Cover

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