Eight Sweet Tricks for your iPhone 4 or 5

Here’s 8 Sweet Tricks you can use immediately on your iPhone.  Impress your friends!

iPhone Tip #1:  Screenshots

When you find yourself at a prime moment in the middle of a game or see a cool picture on your screen, don’t panic! You can save that moment forever, to your photo gallery, by taking a screen shot. Just hold down the home button and the lock button at the same time to take a shot.


iPhone Tip #2:  The Screen Rotation Padlock

If you’ve ever laid on your side, reading an article and found yourself annoyed at the constant rotating, you can lock it landscape or portrait. Just double-tap the home button and swipe once to the right to reveal a toolbar. There is a button with a circular arrow. If you tap it once, it will lock the current orientation of your screen.


iPhone Tip #3:  Organizing with Folders

The iPhone comes with a feature that allows categories in folders. To create a folder, hold down one finger on an app to enter edit mode. Then, drag that app over another app to create a folder. While in edit mode, you can rename the folder and add/remove apps inside the folder.

iPhone Tip #4:  Save Battery Life with Push E-Mail

When you have push e-mail turned on, your battery life will deplete quicker than when it’s turned off. To get to the push setting, open up Settings, scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap Fetch New Data. Then, turn the Push setting to off.


iPhone Tip #5:  Saving More Battery with Local Weather

In the Weather app within your iPhone, there is a setting that allows local weather. This requires location syncing, which saps energy. To turn this feature off, tap the “i” at the bottom right and turn off Local Weather.


iPhone Tip #6:  The Percentage of your Battery Life

Sometimes, it’s easier to understand where your battery is at if you know the numbers. To enable this feature, you need an iPhone 3GS or more recent model. First, open Settings, scroll to General, and then to Usage. From there, you can switch Battery Percentage on to show the number on the tool bar at the top of your screen.


iPhone Tip #7:  Express your Feelings with Emoticons

Apple provides a keyboard of small, colored, graphics for your use in texting, internet, and even note-taking. To turn on this keyboard, open Settings, navigate General, find Keyboards, and then International Keyboards. Search for the Emoji option and tap it to add it to your keyboard.
To access it when typing, press the globe at the bottom next to the space bar to show them.


iPhone Tip #8:   Extra Symbols

To get symbols such as “ä, ę, î, œ, ū,” on your keyboard, just hold down one finger on a letter to bring up a popup. Slide your fingertip over the symbol you want to type it.




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