Five Favorite Noise Cancelling Headsets for Your Next Flight

If you are someone who flies frequently, owning a good pair of noise cancelling headphones is a wise investment. The noise cancellation technology in these headsets will eliminate consistent noises and provide you comfort. They would also need to be comfortable and padded for hours of use. given below are the top 5 noise cancelling headset available today:



This well built and stylish headset has excellent finish and fit. it sounds good and features effective noise cancellation. The headphones can be recharged through USB and can be folded flat. It comes with a carrying case and does not require you to engage the noise cancellation for it to work. While they are quite expensive, they are built well and are rechargeable.


Audio Technica ATH-ANC9


This headset has three different noise cancellation modes. The sound quality is quite good and it can be played without using any batteries. The price is quite reasonable and the build is good quality. While these headsets aren’t as strong when it comes to comfort and sound quality on the highest noise cancellation mode, it does offer excellent value and great performance for most music genres. The build is quite durable too.


Bose QuietComfort 15

Bose QuiteComfort has an excellent design and is very comfortable to use. The sound quality is quite good and the noise cancellation is very effective. The device can also be folded up for storing it comfortably in your bag. The only drawback of this headset is that it is quite expensive and it does work on batteries. However, Bose still offers the best silencing and sound capabilities in the industry today.


Logitech UE 6000



Logitech UE is solidly built and has a very modern design. It is relatively affordable and it sounds the best among all the others on the list. It produces very detailed, balanced sound and considering the price at which it is available, it delivers good value for money.




The sound quality of Sony’s headsets is transparent and very detailed. It surpasses most other headphones. The design is solid but stylish and comfortable. Sony delivers effective noise cancellation and has a passive and active mode. The headphones aren’t exactly reasonably priced but they do offer impeccable sound quality and detail. The headset also reduces noise around you better than most other noise cancellation headsets.

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