How to Convert MOV to WMV Format on Windows and Mac

Convert MOV to WMV

There are a lot of time when you are just stuck trying to play a video format your computer just would not play. This kind of problem might arise when you don’t
have a proper media player installed on you computer or when your media player can’t find proper codecs to play the video format on question.

.MOV file format

Mov file format is a media file format used for videos, animations, audio, special effects, text etc. This format was developed by Apple Inc. It is basically used for storing movies, videos, animations and special video effects. It is a high quality video format designed for Quick Time player designed by Apple Inc. It is supported by both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The files having .mov extensions are usually compressed so they can be easily downloaded and streamed online. Windows media player usually need a codec to play this format. You can also use iTunes and iPod to open it. If your player is not playing it, download and install the proper media player codecs or simply convert it to other file formats like wmv, mp4, 3gp etc. or you can download MOV player and play it without any difficulty.

.WWM file format

Windows Media Video (WMV) is a video file format developed by Microsoft especially for online purposes. It is a high quality video format which supports HD and Blue-ray disc. This format contains videos, audio, images, animation and other graphics. The major advantage of this format is that it is compressed and yet its quality remains unchanged. This format is also used over the radio stations. This file format is based on Advance System Format (ASF). WMV9 and WMV9_PRO are its subtypes. It is easily played on almost every media player. Moreover Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Zune and window supported mobiles also support this format. On Mac OS you have to download player or convert the file into suitable format in order to play the file. On Linux you have to download some third party player to open this file. For Mac OS, the simplest method to play this file is to convert it into .mov extension and play it using Quick Time player as Mac OS owns the mov file format.

How to Convert MOV to WMV

If you are facing problems playing .mov file on windows using other media players or you are not finding suitable codecs for your media players, here is a simple solution.

Now here are some of the best converters for Windows and Macintosh which will help you deal with these file formats.

Best Video Converters for Windows

Looking for some converters and not been able to find yet? Let us do the thing. Here are some of the best converters for windows which allows you to convert any format from any format.

1. Format Factory

This is the best freeware software that helps you to convert any media file you want to convert. Simply choose the category of your file, then format into which you want to convert, add files and convert it.

2. AVS Video Converter

This converter allows you to plenty of format to be converted. You can purchase this software but it is also free available on some sites.

3. Daniusoft Video Converter

It is freeware software that contains important formats and has an easy user interface that helps you do your job.

4. Nidesoft Video Converter

This converter supports all popular video formats and some generic formats like DVD, VCD etc.

Best Video Converters for Mac OS

Here are some of the best converters for Mac OS that will help you convert most of the file formats like MOV to other formats like WMV.

1. Mov to wmv Mac

It is the best converter for mac as it converts video at fast speed and maintains best video quality.

2. Mac Video Converter Ultimate

The best converter which also allows you to rip or burn the files onto disc. An efficient software for downloading the media.

3. AVCHD Converter

An excellent converter for mac users which provides conversion of almost every format.

4. Tanbee Video Converter

It provides the conversion of all famous formats and some mobile formats also.


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