How to Record Streaming Video

After YouTube started it’s journey, Video broadcasting has become the most successful source of entertainment with thousands of videos being streamed every second.

Some Videos get millions of views because of the quality of entertainment or information they provide and these such Videos are the one’s that people want to be able to save on their hard disk or any other storage device.

The problem with videos on YouTube or any other video streaming website is that these videos use a Flash Video format which although allows to stream the videos smoothly on any browser but at the same time limits the features due to inability to download these Flash Videos.

However, there is still a way out, or let’s say “ways out”. As a matter of fact, one can record/download/save streaming Videos in four different ways.

1. FireFox AddOn

Mozilla Firefox, as of 2011 is the 2nd most widely used browser in the world, this success can be attributed to its enormous features, being open source and above all because it is free.

The Browser has various Plug-ins and add-Ons that allow you to get most out of the web. One such Add-On is Firefox Video downloader that enables you to record streaming videos plus audio and galleries.

This Add-On can only be installed if you already have the Mozilla Firefox. So, if you don’t have this browser installed on your computer you can easily download the latest version from here.

Download and install the browser and you are ready to follow the next few steps that will allow you to download/record/save streaming videos (Works for Both PC and Mac):

Step 1: Download the AddOn from here and

Step 2: Save the AddOn in the ‘Extensions folder’ found in Program Files>>Mozilla Firefox.

Step 3: Now when you open Mozilla Firefix you will be prompted by a message saying, “Do you Want to install the AddOn”. Click ‘Install Now’

Step 4: After installation, you will notice am icon located in the toolbar to the left-hand side of your address bar.

Step 5: Now load the page on which your Video is located. Once you have loaded the right page, click on the down arrow next to your video downloader icon and choose the format you want to save the video. The Video by defaault will be saved as FLV format on your specified target location.

Note: To play FLV format you can download VLC player from here.

2. Download Helper Websites.

Websites like Youtube Downloader , Keepvid , Orbit Downloader etc are Download- Helper Websites that uses a Youtube link provided by the users to catalog and upload to the site which then can be downloaded from different source links. The Videos can be saved as FLV format or Converted into Mpeg.

3. Commercial Softwares

Most of these commercial software allow you to download/record plus convert FLV format streaming Videos into MPEG or AVI.

Type: Free

Replay AV
Type: Trial version

WM Recorder
Type: Trial version

4. Real Player

This one is an easy and smart option for those who often watch Videos from Youtube. You can Simply download the software from here and you can the save each video you play by clicking the small button that will appear on the top of the video.

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