How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

If you are a Facebook user (of course you are, I mean everyone has a Facebook account now), each time you open your Facebook account you might be thinking, who is visiting your Facebook profile? It might be because you wanted to know if some is sneaking on your wall or if your ex is still interested in you.

Whatever be the reason, the fact is each and every one of the Facebook user have wondered, if they could know who are watching on their profiles. Orkut the another social networking giant from Google provides you full details with the thumbnail view of the person/persons who have visited your profiles. Many guys wanted the same with their favorite Facebook but to their dismay Facebook still has not incorporated that feature within itself.

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Recently there have been a lot of rumor about the apps that could reveal who has been visiting your profiles. The Facebook has been flooded with tons of apps that claim to show you, your profile sneakers. Me and my friends personally tried these apps and to my dismay none of them worked. One apps showed the name of my friend as one who has visited my profile most time, but you will be surprised to hear that he had only opened my profile once or twice but according to the app it was around 100.

These apps goes by different names like profilespy, procheck, know your visitors etc. Some of these even ask you to complete a short survey or participate in some program or like a page. You also need to provide them access to your information.

These apps sounds really great, who would not want to have look if his/her ex is still creeping on their Facebook profile or if some friend is searching their walls. Many guys have fallen victim to these apps. These apps do sound good but these all apps are just not real.

These apps just wants to get access to your profile information or want you to complete some survey. Once you agreed with them, they will provide you with a list of people who visited your profile. This list is actually created randomly from your own friend list.

These apps are just spam and once you use them they will post the invitation on your wall and on all of your friends wall. Your friends will think that you are providing this info, so they will use it spamming their own wall and their friend’s wall also. Be sure that there are actually no Facebook apps available that could really show you, you profile visitors. So, only way to know if someone has visited your Facebook account is to see them doing so.

You may be disparate to try these apps but be sure none of them really works or wanting to know who and when visited your profile. Remember up to the time of writing this post there are no actual app that can show you your visitors. If you are really having some trouble on social networks by some people then try using services of some private cyber investigators.

So, the short answer is. There is no way of knowing who visits your profile because FaceBook doesn’t reveal that information via the API. Any app trying to say otherwise is a scam.

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