How to Speed Up Internet – 6 Easy Ways

This is an era of power and speed due to the rapid aggrandizement in the  technology that has eased the way we travel, communicate, read and what not?. Among all these advancements, internet seems to have totally changed the life of people by supplying unlimited information and entertainment.

However, there are times when accessing internet becomes a nightmare because of the slow internet speed despite the the fact that  it was supposed to go in the opposite direction.  Nevertheless, there is always a way out.

In this post we have collected some of the best tips that will help you to speed up your internet.

1. PC Maintenance

The most common but ignored reason for a slow speed internet connection is a slow computer.

You can simply speed up your internet connection by performing some regular checks on your computer that will help you to speed up internet and also boost your computer performance as a bonus.

Many thing like disk cleanup and defrag, registry repair, and other tasks like monitoring your startup items and optimizing Windows services can be performed to keep your computer in good shape.

2. Browser Configuration

If you are more of a person who deals with reading and surfing internet without having to deal with multi-media, then you can easily turn graphics, animations, sound, video or other multimedia content off with the help of your browser settings option.

3. Cache Management

Cache memory can also be called as “Recent Memory”. As the word signifies, it refers to storage space where your recently visited Web sites are saved.

You can speed up internet simply either re-sizing your cache allotment or otherwise clean your cache periodically. The latter can be done by gaining access to items named cache or temporary file through your browser’s menu.

4. Browser Selection

It is best suited to pick a suitable browser that works well with your computer. Many people tend to use internet explorer even though there are new and faster browsers available.

You can choose from a wide list of browsers available on the internet and then decide on the best one for you after using them for a few days. For example Chrome is particularly good for computers that are low on RAM, as it’s not as memory hungry as Firefox and IE.

5. Control Bandwidth Usage

This one seems to rob your computer of internet speed like you wouldn’t believe. The programs like Windows Update, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Real player, Adobe Reader updates, and other similar software stick up in the background and compete with your browser for internet speed.

Most of these start automatically when you start your computer and start using bandwidth without the users permission, if not customized.  There is a way out by which you can either totally block these software or simply configure them to ask for your permission before eating up the speed.

6. Software

Apart for these basic tips there are also many software available that use different mechanisms to speed up internet. Like Internet Cyclone is a software that promises to enhance your internet speed to 200%.

Internet Speed up is another free software thaat helps you to achieve the same goal of speeding up your internet.

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