5 Ways to Improve Battery Performance on Windows Phone 7

Windows phones have a lot of features and each of these features consumes a lot of battery juice. If you want to use all your apps you need to compromise with your battery performance. All these apps sucks a lot of juice out of your battery. And if you worried about reduced battery performance, here are some tips that could help you boast your battery.

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your battery performance. Below are some of the ways you can save battery life of your windows phone 7 and make it last longer.

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1. By turning on battery saver

When you turn battery saver on, it closes all the apps and features which consumes battery by running in background.

When you turn on battery saver, some features will be disabled like, you will not be able to receive your email or calendar updates automatically (you will need to sync them manually) and only one application will be allowed to run in the background.

With battery saver on you will not be able to change settings of the apps that are disabled by the battery saver.

2. Reduce the screen turn off time

Set a shorter screen turn off time and keep your phone lock on. This saves your phone’s battery and also your phone from getting on without you wanting it to be.

3. Reduce your screen’s brightness settings

4. Use dark background themes

The bright or flashy background consumes a lot of battery power. So using a darker background will help your phone saving a lot of battery.

5. Turn off your connections when not in use

You can also increase your battery performance by using earphones instead of your Bluetooth ear piece for talking and listening to music.

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