How to Turn Your iPad into a Personal Finance Advisor

Sorting out your personal finances in the age of mobile technology has never been easier than it is right now. Thanks to increasingly powerful tablet hardware and ever more capable mobile apps, everyday users can easily turn their iPads into personal finance advisors given the right software. Here are 5 outstanding iPad apps for getting your financial house in order.


Merely tracking your finances and obligations via mobile software is all well and good, but it’s a lot more convenient if you can actually pay your bills with one dedicated app. Pageonce allows you to schedule payments, link cards and accounts, keep an eye on delinquent bills and generally make your life far, far easier as far as bill payment is concerned.


Online management programs for even the best bank accounts from major banks and financial institutions often come up short when it comes to overseeing your finances. For years, Mint has been the go-to financial planning and management app for millions. Their latest iPad app allows you to manage every aspect of your finances from one location.


One of the first apps to really modernize mobile expense reports, Expensify for the iPad makes expense tracking simple. All you have to do is sync your credit cards and accounts to the app, and it’ll automatically compile your charges as you go. Expensify also features OCR technology for “scanning” receipts and adding them to expense reports on the fly.


Thanks to inflation and an uncertain global economic future, investing wisely is a must in this day and age. Keeping track of all your investments can be frustrating if you’re well-diversified, which is why Wikinvest is such a godsend. Boasting support for 60+ brokerages, real time reports and rock-solid security, it’s the perfect way to keep an eye on all of your investments from your iPad.


One of the most comprehensive money management apps on iTunes, PageMoney can help you to improve your financial situation little by little with each passing day. Though it requires a small investment of time on the part of the user to get the most out of the app, the returns you’ll see with PageMoney are well worth it. Just enter your pertinent financial details into its simple UI and PageMoney will take care of the rest.

Last Words

As you can plainly see, the iOS platform offers many superb mobile applications that can take the headache out of managing your financial life. Regardless of whether you need to find deals on the best credit cards, review your current bills, track investments or manage money on iPad, the iPad is the ideal tool for the job. Paired with the apps detailed above, it’s the easiest way to streamline your finances on the go.

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