Few Essential iPhone Applications for Road Trips

Summer is a great time for road trips. In order to enjoy your ride you are to be prepared for a trip – to have a GPS navigator, a counsellor on the most popular places you will drive through during your trip and so on. All these functions can fulfill your iPhone – you just need to install few essential for any road trip applications. In such way you make your trip really a memorable experience. So, below you will find reviews of 4 helpful for any road trip iOS applications that I personally tested and found very useful.

MotionX GPS Drive: your reliable GPS navigator!

Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99

By means of this particular application you will never get loss during your road trip since it is one of the best navigational programs distributed via the AppStore for iPhones/iPads. You can buy it for 1USD and upgrade it then for 20 bucks (1-year subscription) in order to use its unique feature – live voice navigation. I like this app because it has very detailed and easy to use virtual maps.

In addition this application can send traffic alerts about accidents that may cause traffic delays as well as give some hints where you can find the nearest from your current location restaurant, hotel, gas station or hospital. If you like road trips you will definitely like MotionX GPS Drive app as well.

Localscope: a geotagging social service with GPS!

Price in the AppStore: $1.99

The multiple language support, great social network and the ability to transfer data strai8ght from Bing, Foursquare, Google Maps, Twitter and Wikimapia service make Localscope your irreplaceable guide during a road trip. Plus you will be able to find more about the town you drive through in order to discover new places or meet new people due to geotagging and supported media sharing and social networking services.

The best thing is that Localscope works worldwide despite your current location. It also has a very easy to use navigation and advanced search system so you could always share the information about your location with friends on Facebook, via email or Twitter.

Best Road Trip Ever app helps to visit the hottest places during your road trip!

Price in the AppStore: $3.99

I like this application because it can offer more than 7 thousand of interesting and offbeat attractions to visit during a car drive through a country. Basing on your current location this application offer few places to visit nearby that are usually hidden and can’t be found on regular maps like the legendary Route 66, exotic eateries and other interesting gems located near the highways. Nice and very useful application for every road trip.

Trip Journal: to save data about all your road trips!

Price in the AppStore: $2.99

Are you familiar with the situation when you have lost some interesting notes or photos from a trip? Since they were one of a kind because of unrepeatable experience such loss may seem very disappointing. To avoid such situation use as a backup archive for all photos and notes you made during a trip the nifty application known as Trip Journal.
By means of this application you will be able to track your route via GPS navigator for automatic and manual positioning of your favorite locations and places. Geotagging is supported as well.

Record video and shoot photos in order to automatically save them form the app to your iPhone Photo Gallery and share them on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube at once. In such way your photos and videos will never be lost or damaged even if you lose a phone.
There is also a good Google Earth integration where you can share with your friends and family your current route and show them the places you have visited. Plus to all these features, the app has a very nice looking and convenient interface.

Any thoughts what iOS apps you need to “pack” to take along in a road trip?

I understand that my essential road trips ready iPhone applications may be not so important for you since you have their better alternatives installed on your smartphone. Please, do share with us your experience of suing different programs you have found in the AppStore that may be helpful for hardcore road trip fans.

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