nVidia and Bio-Ware Team up to Provide a Mass Effect 3 Live Wallpaper on Tegra Tablets

The PC gaming industry encompasses a lot of service renders and some dedicated firms, of which Nvidia has been the most significant and comprehensive in its work. This provides an enchanted profit to the users of Tegra based gadgets. Well some time back most of the fans were provided with complimentary wallpaper (Skyrim live). To this Bio ware in consent with Nvidia’s team came up with Mass effect 3 live wallpaper to Tegra based tablets. This is a free conflict of interest for those who own Tegra tablets, but if you get it through the Google play store.

In comparison to the Skyrim wallpaper which was released before it, it comes up with a gloomy design like it’s been composed to look beautiful. An earth’s view is considered at the back which is covered by flames and the galactic bad mamma jamma commander Sheppard stands in front of this view. The wallpaper is personified by showing bad harvesters invading our earth as they are about to break the curb. You can’t commit so much of changes to the wallpaper but one thing is there that you can change the commander Sheppard’s female variant but only if you opt to play Femshep. Well recommendation is to play it for once at least as the acting voice for Femshep is Jennifer hale, which for sure makes it a wonderful experience to go through it. One more thing the GTX logo on the wallpaper may make it look a bit disturbing but you have to compromise for that as there is no other way to change it.

Well the beauty of this wallpaper urges us to think about some more inventions and compositions. Well we all are quite aware of the fact that EA has already made a separate game and a feller game in a tie with Bio ware for mass effect 3 on iOS. With the passage of time Ea is getting on nerves of mass effect 3 and is working in a dedicated way to get the most out of itself and its companion for the users. Well the sales ratio curve of Android is getting steeper and steeper in comparison to the iOS as the time is progressing, hoping that EA is aware of that. Well we hope for some enthusiastic end products in near future.

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