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Pill identification may come in handy if you are conspicuous about some pills lying around your home or it could just be that you forgot some important information like dosage, time etc., about your own prescription or OTC drugs. There might come some moments when you suspect that your child or someone you care about might surreptitiously be using some illegal drugs and  before bumping into an argument you might wanna make sure about the true nature of the drugs. There are various methods you can dispense to identify Pills and one of the simplest is to check the service offered by

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This service is exclusively designed for US citizens and helps you identify pills by using the imprint number which is necessary to be embossed on every pill under USFDA  regulations. An absence of this imprint itself means that the drug is either a vitamin, diet/herbal/energy pill, illicit or foreign drug and if that is the case you can use factors like color or shape to filter your identification procedure.

After you accept the T&C on the website you will be directed to a submission form. In case, you know the imprint, you can directly write it down in the prescribed field and hit search button to see exactly the drug that you wanted to identify. You can then click on the link that comes up below the drug image to gain full information about the drug like; dosage, use, ADR, side effects and abuse potential.

If you don’t see an imprint there still is a long shot by which you can identify your pill. This can be done by selecting your Pill color and shape and the next thing that you will see is an array of drugs with images from where you can select the drug that best resembles your sample.

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iPharmacy – Pill ID & Rx Reminder for iPhone and Android

Besides helping you to identify the Pills using imprint number, generic name, color/shape/imprint this app has other features up its sleeve. The strongest forte of this app is to compare the prices of your prescription or OTC drugs with drugs available at any US pharmacy chain and many local stores for a comparative pricing judgement  You can also save some money by using discount coupons given away by pharmaceutical companies and get more information like the ways to save with coupons, price-matching, pharmacy discount plans and much more.

If that wasn’t enough, the app can also manage your drug regimen and help you maintain your plasma drug concentration by reminding you to take your drugs on time. Overall, judging by the functionality and cost effectiveness of this app, it is a must have for medical professionals and an asset for consumers.

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