Quick and Simple Life Hacks

Hey, here at Geeknaut we’re always looking for ways to make our life easier.  Aggressively seeking ways to be lazier.  Hacking, usually attributed to computers and technical stuff we like to discuss here on Geeknaut is also something that has grown in recent years.  Life Hacking has become a hot topic online.

An easy way to understand what Life Hacking is all about is this video series called Quick and Simple Life Hacks.  Below I’ll put in their latest installment — usually just a couple of minutes and about 5-10 quick hacks on life.  Some might seem obvious, others will be considered fairly ingenious and a few you might even try.  This one is Quick and Simple Life Hacks 8.  The good news?  If you like it, there are seven more prior installments you can watch and learn…and hack.


[youtube id=”krE_BjWDlv8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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