Restore Computer to Earlier Date

In Windows OS, system restore utility is an important utility in the windows environment which lets you perform important functions like system restore and repair. This utility comes pre stored with your system. System restore actually creates restore points at different time which can be used to restore your computer to an earlier date.

Imagine you are have some issues with your system, or you deleted some vital components or you have installed some application, which you are not able to remove or you want to reverse some change you made into your system that are interfering with the proper functioning of the system. Then you could use system restore to revert your system to some previous date when your system was working perfectly. In case of system restore to a previous date you cannot redeem the change you made, so you should use this option very carefully. System restore provides various time points where you can restore your system.

How does this works?

Actually system restore feature creates a restoration points at various intervals of time on your system. This file contains all the information about the changes that occurred in your system i.e. the registry settings and configurations of all the programs and software installed in your system. The restore point is also created just before the installation of any programs or driver. These restore points keeps records of all the settings and configuration of your system at the point of its formation. So, these restore points can be used to restore your system back to any of the previous dates specified by these restoration points.

Which files are changed during restoring the system to a previous date?

This changes mainly affects the registry settings, program files and system files. It also changes any batch files, executable files or scripts that are created by any user on your system. It does not affect any personal data and files.

Restoring your computer to a previous date

Windows XP

You are done.

Windows 7


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