Sena UltraSlim Case for iPhone 4s

Sena is leading premium designer iPhone and iPad case manufacturer. They have some of the best cases for cell phones and tablets. Their iPhone 4 case series is pretty extensive and has a case for people with all tastes. Whether you like wallet style leather cases or just something to hold your iPhone when it is in pocket, Sena has a case for you.

I got my Ultraslim iPhone 4/4s case about a week ago and have been using it for this entire time. It is a pretty good case and definitely does its name a justice. It is a slim case that fits your iPhone 4 or 4s perfectly. It was a bit too tight for a couple days but after breaking-in, the case fits neatly.

As with all leather cases, this one gives a nice, soft leather smell which is good. I got the Tan color Ultraslim case and the texture looks nice as well. It has micro-fibre lining on the inside which cleans the screen and the back of your iPhone every time you put it inside and take it out.

It is a handcrafted, hand-stitched leather case and the stitching on this thing is perfect. One minor issue I found is that the stitched lining hits the volume rocker when you put your iPhone inside. Hopefully this will subside after it fully breaks-in. It is not that big of an issue anyways.

There are 12 holes at the bottom of the case for speaker and microfone, six on each side. This prevents suppressing of ringtone volume when the phone is inside the case. You can easily use Siri to make a call and talk to a person without even taking the phone out of the case.

Putting your device in the case and taking it out is pretty easy after the initial break-in period of a couple day. Sena includes a little pamphlet showing how to take the iPhone 4 or 4s out of the Ultrasim case easily, You just have to hold the case using one hand and pinch/push the bottom side using the thumb of your other hand. I use an InvisibleShield and the device still fits easily.

Sena Ultraslim Pamphlet Giving Instructions for Remova of Case

All in all, Ultraslim iPhone 4s case is nice and prevents your iPhone from scratches when its inside your pocket or your bag. It adds zero bulk and even makes the iPhone look smaller, which to me – is a good thing.

Good Things about Sena UltraSlim iPhone 4/4s Case:

The Sena UltraSlim iPhone 4/4s case costs  $29.99 and is worth every penny. It can be purchased from and they offer worldwide shipping.

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