Spigen SGP Linear Series Review

We here at Geeknaut love the Spigen SGP products just because of the sheer amount of passion that goes into making of each case and cover. We have reviewed SGP iPad cases a couple times in the past and this time we have the SGP Linear series cases for review.

SGP Linear series is simply one of the best, if no ‘the’ best, iPhone case we have seen from the Spigen family of products. It is designed by the company in California and made in Korea. The quality of the plastic used in making of these cases is simply top-notch and believe it or not, it makes your iPhone look more expensive. It also makes the iPhone 4 and 4s look more rigid and sturdy.

The Linear series consists of two main components, a bumper and a back panel to enhance the looks and give protection to the iPhone.

The SGP Linear series protects your iPhone from all sorts of minor bumps and all kinds of scratches on the sides and the back. The sides of the bumper are a bit raised so you can easily place the device face down and don’t have to worry about the screen getting scratched. We would recommend using the SGP Steinheil Oleophobic screen guard from CreTouch store with these types of cases.

There are cuttings for the speaker and microphone, the earphone jack, the sleep/wake button and the volume rocker. There is a nice little cutting for the camera and flash too. The bumper is split into two pieces to easily remove the case and then easily put it back into place. There is a grooved lining at the bottom of the bumper that holds the back panel.

We got two of the Linear series cases from CreTouch store and one of them has a mirror type back panel. While it does look somewhat different, but that thing is a fingerprint magnet. We used the screenguard for the back from the SGP Steinheil we mentioned above on this back panel and that made it more awesome and fingerprint resistent. Just in case you don’t know, the Steinheil series is oleophobic so it will reduce the number of fingerprints left on this mirrored back. Couple that with the front Steinheil screen guards and you have a full fingerprint resistant device on your hands. There is also an iPhone 5 case coming in this series so you should not be disappointed if you bought an iPhone 5 recently.

The other Linear series guard we received had a green and white shade. If you have a white iPhone 4s of iPhone 4, this case will make your phone look more expensive and it almost feels like it is a part of the iPhone. It is a very premium quality case available from CreTouch store, the authorized SGP retailer. You can order the Linear series green back panel case, the mirror glass back case or the Steinheil film we recommended from these links on CreTouch USA.

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