Three Best Cydia Lockscreen Themes That You Should Try

Cydia Lockscreen Themes

One of the reasons why most people jailbreak their iPhone is to change its theme and its looks. You can change the usual boring look of your iPhone lockscreen by getting Cydia lockscreen themes. Most of these themes have beautiful images, cool designs and vibrant colors, which can really improve the look of your iPhone. You can usually find these free themes on Cydia. Here are the three best Cydia Lockscreen themes for you to check out.

Thin by Patrick Muff

If you like simple, dark and elegant lockscreen theme, you should take a look at Thin. It is created by Patrick Muff and it incorporates a thin and dark design. There is an option for a twelve or twenty four-hour clock setting. You can also put custom wallpaper with the help of SSH. Additional instructions can be found on Cydia. To download this theme on your iPhone, all you have to do is add this URL in Cydia.


LS Nimbus

This is a very popular lockscreen theme for iPhone designed by technouse. This theme works on iPhone 5 without any modding needed. It showcases simple and elegant scenery of clouds with cool graphic designs. This lockscreen features Day, Date, Month and Year. It also has a weather widget that is incorporated into the theme.


LiveWeather LockScreen GPS iP5

For the best weather based theme for your iPhone 5, you definitely have to check out the LiveWeather LS GPS iP5. It has eye-catching design that is beautiful to look at. The only downside to this lockscreen is that it can eat up a bit of your battery life. However, most people who see this lockscreen doesn’t mind sacrificing a little battery life. You can find this lockscreen on Modymi Repo.


Customize Your Lockscreen

For those people who spend a lot of time browsing in Cydia for the right lockscreen but couldn’t find the right one, maybe it’s better to just customize it yourself. There is now an available app that can help you create your own beautiful lockscreen. You will have to download the ClockBuilder and the ClockBuilder 5 theme. These apps can help you choose the fonts, colors and sizes that you may want for your lockscreen.



Other Cydia Lockscreen Themes

These are just the three best-looking lockscreen themes that you can find in Cydia. There are still more unique and cool themes that can be found if you continue searching. There are the gorgeous lockscreens created by graphic designers Patrick Muff and Mark Stewart. Their lockscreen themes include the Rising Bar, Pebbly, Analog Clock, Hexxly, Typo5, Binary, Color Flow and Black & White. Other popular lockscreens that you can also try is the Anime i5 and the LS Cliffs.


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