Three Must Have Resources for Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Quite a lot of iPhone owners are interested in learning more about the jailbreaking process because of the number of benefits that it provides them. The process is made relatively simple today because of the large variety of programs available for jailbreaking quickly and safely. Listed below are three must have resources for safely jailbreaking your iPhone:

1. Jailbreak Unlock: Jailbreak Unlock is known to be one of the best programs available today for support and functionality. The jailbreaking process itself is quite quick (usually 5 minutes), reversible and very safe. All you need to do is to simply hit a button. The program can be used for not just jailbreaking the device but also for unlocking it.

The program comes with a 30-day guarantee if you are not pleased with the results. The support team is very responsive and the instructions are easy to follow. A few good bonus options are available with the program. All in all, Jailbreak Unlock is definitely one of the best and the safest jailbreaking programs available out there.

2. Apple Unlocker: This is another highly recommended jailbreak solution for iPhones. This program has been around relatively longer than Jailbreak Unlock and is used by quite a large number of people. While the process itself takes 15 minutes, slightly longer than Jailbreak Unlock, it isn’t too long. Their support staff is quite responsive and helpful but they don’t offer chat support or telephonic support. Support is only available through email. This program will only jailbreak the device and will not unlock it. This means that once your device has been jailbroken you will not be able to switch to another carrier.

Overall, Apple Unlocker is a decent option available for those who wouldn’t want to use Jailbreak Unlock for some reason. Their program works well at all times and the instructions they provide are very easy and clear.

3. iJailbreak Tool: This particular jailbreaking program might not be as popular as the two listed above but it is definitely safe and effective. The process of jailbreaking is a little longer. It takes around 25 minutes for the program to complete the process. The price for the program might seem a little higher but the results are definitely good. Customer service for iJailbreak Tool is acceptable. Telephonic and email support are both available for those who need technical help.




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