Time Lapse: A 3D Paper Artwork

This 3D Paper artwork is an example of what can be attained by using a simple foam board, a poster board, push pins, spray paint, tacky glue and tons of patience. Designed by Taras Lesko, this 3D paper artwork combines the art of 3D Paper crafting and Poster technique perfectly.

This piece is actually titled, “Honey, can you make something for that big wall”, which is exactly what I did when my wife put me to the challenge. Having already stepped into the wonderful world of paper crafting, I saw this as an opportunity to take it further. This is a 60”x90” piece, consisting of 28 sheets of foam board, 110 strips of poster board, nearly 200 push pins, 2 cans of spray paint, 2 cans of spray glue, 1 can of tacky glue and 4 days of patience.

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