Top 10 Apple iPhone 5 Cases

Apple every year continues its legacy of announcing unique, stylish and impeccable iPhone  and with the launch of iPhone 5 they have effectively managed to once again satisfy their faithful customers. With full bookings going on for iPhone 5, we are looking at a huge number of  Apple iPhone 5 owners and so it is not a surprise that many people are looking for a standard iPhone 5 case to help them stand out from other iPhone 5 holders.

Looking for an iPhone 5 case does not  only have style and status aspect attached to it, but most people also want to protect their adorable and precious iPhone 5 from elemental abrasions. Adept iPhone case manufacturers have already started manufacturing and designing unique cases for iPhone 5 from the leaked design and dimensions of iPhone 5 to increase their stakes in this competition.

In this post we have collected 10 best iPhone 5 Cases that will help you protect your brand new device from day one.

1. Bear Motion Premium Flip Folio iPhone 5 Case

This case is made from PU leather material to elegantly and precisely fit your iPhone 5 and it comes without a frame to help beautifully display your iPhone 5. It instead uses a adhesive silicon pad to hold your iPhone which can be removed without leaving stains.

Price: $9.99 | Bear Motion Premium Flip Folio iPhone 5 Case

2. Snugg Leather Pocket Cover Case

Made externally from quality PU leather this case suavely protects your iPhone. It also has a soft Nubuck interior to protect your iPhone against scratches, dust, bumps etc. This snap-on cover features a elastic pull strap to ease iPhone retrieval and also has slots to make room for your Cards.

Price: $19.99 | Snugg Leather Pocket Cover Case

3. Photive Hybrid  Bumper Case

Photive presents a fit bumper made from UV coated hard poly-carbonate with flexible TPU border to effectively protect your iPhone from bumps without adding bulk.

Price: $9.95 | Photive Hybrid  Bumper Case

4. Cygnett WorkMate Pro iPhone 5 Case

This case from Cygnett combines dual protection of  Silicone with high quality Poly-carbonate  to provide a substantial protection for your iPhone 5 against bumps, scuffs, dust and other abrasive elements. The perfect texture, tones and built of this case also enhance aesthetics of your iPhone without compromising access to any of the functions.

Price: $31.99 | Cygnett WorkMate Pro iPhone 5 Case

5. i-Blason Transformer Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case

A rugged case to stiffly armor your iPhone and customize its looks with 4 different colors. The outer shell of this case is made from impact resistant  poly- carbonate which has an extra inner layer of silicone to maximize protection aspect. It also features swivel belt clip for easy carriage and this clip can also be used as  a kick stand for comfortable hand free multi-media experience on your iPhone 5.

Price: $14.95 | i-Blason Transformer Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case

6. iLuv  Gossamer Clear Hardshell Case

If you want to protect your iPhone without compromising its already ingenious design then this clear Hardshell  from iLuv is your best bet. The case is made from hard plastic and is precisely cut to allow access to all ports and buttons.

Price: $11.99 | iLuv  Gossamer Clear Hardshell Case

7. Belkin iPhone 5 Pocket Case

Belkin presents a leather case stitched to elegantly protect your iPhone. The case is durable and features and inner soft fabric lining to protect your iPhone against scratches, dust, oil, etc. It also has a quick pull tab for easy retrieval.

Price: $28.49 | Belkin iPhone 5 Pocket Case

8. Incipio Feather Shine Case 

This case from Incipio is minimally built to protect your iPhone from bumps, scratches, oil and other abrasions without adding unnecessary bulk to your slim and sleek iPhone. It has a soft matte finish to accentuate elegance and comes in with a standard screen protector for an end to end protection.

Price: $31.99 | Incipio Feather Shine Case 

9. Photive CEO Carbon Fiber Snap case

Another sleek case from Photive with a poly-carbonate frame and Carbon fiber back for rugged protection and aesthetics. It has a rubberized frame for a better grip and also features a raised bezel for better screen protection.

Price: $9.95 | Photive CEO Carbon Fiber Snap case

10. Ionic CONVENIENCE Wallet Leather Case 

This case is made from premium quality leather and provides an end to end protection besides equipping your iPhone with quality style and elegance. The case also features an in-built kick stand to assist comfortable hands free multi-media experience.

Price: $14.85 | Ionic CONVENIENCE Wallet Leather Case

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