Top 20 iPad 2 Skins that Work with the New iPad

We all love our iPad’s and despite its cost it has found its way into hearts and hands of many people due to its extensive features and unique stature style which makes one stand out from rest of the mundane tablet holders. Keeping all the reasons at par, one usually buys an iPad not only for its features and functionality but because of the definite unique status signal it impresses on others. Despite its expensive price tag it has motivated people to spend some extra greens and the result is an enormous number of Apple iPad holders which eventually makes standing out a little more difficult.

There are thousands of Apple iPad cases available in the market from different exclusive case manufacturers and designers. These cases are made from a wide range of material and blended perfectly to provide an unique look and protection to your precious iPad. While some cases add features like functionality, design, elegance, compactness, ruggedness etc.,  to your iPad, there are also case that only provide moderate protection but take the personalization and exquisiteness to a whole new level. Apple iPad 2 Skins belong to such category of iPad accessories.

In this post we have collected 20 best iPad skins

1. GelaSkins The Enamored Whale

This skin  fits your iPad 2 so finely that it does not compromise the compatibility with Apple smart cover. The skin covers the back and front effectively without adding bulk and with its 3M technology installing and re-installing becomes ridiculously easy.

Price: $25 | GelaSkins The Enamored Whale

2. DecalGirl Portals

Made from vinyl, decalgirl have used digital printing to bring out the beautiful Portal design on this iPad 2 skin. It comes in two finishes; high gloss or Matte/satin to give an exclusive glossy or silky smooth feel, respectively. Moreover, each skin is covered with a clear laminate layer to protect the design & the device from minor scratches.

Price: $19.99 | DecalGirl Portals

3. DecalSkin Asian Flower

This skin is made from premium grade PET/PVC vinyl which has an extra laminate coating to protect the awesome flower design and the device from minor scratches. The skin can be applied easily, and removed without leaving a residue.

Price: $19.99 | DecalSkin Asian Flower

4. ZAGG Leather skins

Zagg, an infamous iPad and iPhone case maker company have combined the elegance and protection of leather into a thin beautiful  iPad 2 skin. These genuine leather skins from Zaag come in three colors, two designs and are extremely thin and easy to apply.

Price: $39.99 | ZAGG Leather skins

5. SGP iPad 2 Skin Guard Series

This case is actually made from poly-urethane but is expertly textured to give feel, look and finish that exactly resembles carbon fiber and does provide an appreciable protection. The skin fits precisely on your iPad 2 for better grip and does not compromise access to any port or sensor on the iPad.

Price: $19.99 | SGP iPad 2 Skin Guard Series

6. Bundle Monster Apple iPad 2 Skin

This vibrant blue iPad skin from Bundle Monster is made from vinyl to give a moderate protection without adding bulk to your iDevice. The skin fits precisely and protects your iPad 2 from scratches, dust and is easy to apply, remove  and re-use.

Price: $9.99 | Bundle Monster Apple iPad 2 Skin

7. Zagg Skins

Zagg offers a huge array of skins with unique patterns to choose from. Each of these come bundled with invisible shhield protection and are appreciably thin, precisely fit to not hinder the grip.

Price: $19.99 | Zagg Skins

8. Zagg Custom Skins

At a reasonable price you can take the customization aspect of your iPad to a whole new level with Zagg’s slim customized skins. You can request for anything from  custom  painting to a full size photograph, all without adding any bulk to your precious iPad 2.

Price: $34.49 | Zagg Custom Skins

9. DomeSkin Almond Blossom

This cool Almond blossom skin from DomeSkin adds no bulk to your iPad and is easy to apply and re-use. The case fits precisely and does not compromise access to any of the iPad ports and sensors, plus your iPad works fine with Apple smart cover.

Price: $29.99 | DomeSkin Almond Blossom

10. Dome Skin Bamboo Red

This dark profile iPad 2 skin is made from vinyl and perfectly textured to give your iPad 2 unique look and suave grip. Also, you can browse the Domeskin wallpaper gallery to maximize the customization for your iDevice.

Price: $29.99 | Dome Skin Bamboo Red

11. Snugg iPad Skin

This skin from Snugg provides extensive rubber protection, feel and grip to your iPad without compromising acces to any iPad port or sensor. Te skin is perfectly contoured to provide an exquisite tone and stiff grip.

Price: $19.99 | Snugg iPad Skin

12. iGadgitz Black Silicone Skin Case

This rugged skin case provides appreciable end to end protection with its superior quality shock absorbent AOD coated, anti-static silicone and a front clear skin protection film. The skin gives a unique rugged look with its classic tire tread design.

Price: $16.19 | iGadgitz Black Silicone Skin Case

13. Jazooli Magnetic Protective Flip Smart Cover Skin Case

This cheap case claims to provide a thin customized protection and style to your iPad 2. It also flexes to let you enjoy viewing your iPad at a comfortable angle.

Price: $7.40 | Jazooli Magnetic Protective Flip Smart Cover Skin Case

14. Wordans Vintage Rasta iPad 2 Skin

This exuberantly tricolor skin adds a vibrant look to your iPad that is bound to spark a smile on your face every time you pull your iPad out. The case covers back and front precisely without hindering access to any of the iPad ports.

Price: $24.06 | Wordans Vintage Rasta iPad 2 Skin

15. Wordans Guitar City White Skin

This skin is exclusively made for music aficionados and besides providing a cool and calm look also euips your iPad with protection against scratches, dust and other mild abrasions.

Price:$23.21 | Wordans Guitar City White Skin

16. GelaSkin Motherboard

This unique geeky case from GelaSkins adds a amazing unique touch to your iPad which can be maximized by choosing a matching iPad wallpaper from Gelaskin’s gallery.

Price: $25.46 | GelaSkin Motherboard

17. Angry Heroes DC

The epic iPad Angry Bird game heroes are set to equip your iPad 2 with an elegant unique look but unlike the game they will instead protect your iPad from scratches and dust. The skin is thin and fits precisely to not compromise access to ports and sensors.

Price: $24.21 | Angry Heroes DC

18. GelaSkin Leo Leaf

This all green iPad which simulates the looks of Leaf is best suited for eco-friendly iPad 2 owners. You can also browse through  GelaSkin’s gallery for a matching wallpaper to add an end to end green effect.

Price: $24.21 | GelaSkin Leo Leaf

19. GelaSkin Up and Around

An extremely unique abstract skin for your iPad /3 that will not only customize your iPad but also add a distinct thin protection.

Price: $24.21 | GelaSkin Up and Around

20. DomeSkin Colorful Abstract

This randomly vibrant colored iPad 2/3 skin from DomeSkin adds an unique abstract look to your iPad without compromising access to any of the port or compatibility with any standard iPad case/cover. The skin is easy to install, remove and re-install.

Price: $29.99 | DomeSkin Colorful Abstract

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