Use Yahoo Massenger on Windows Mobile Devices

If you own a Windows phone and you want to use a Yahoo messenger then it might be a trouble for you. As Yahoo has not officially launched Yahoo messenger for windows mobile yet. And if give a look at the windows marketplace then you will find that there are no proper instant messaging services there also, like there is one for Apple’s iPhone or the BlackBerry devices.

But there are some 3rd party messenger clients, which work pretty much good on the windows device. IM buddy is one such messenger, it could be used to login into your yahoo account through your yahoo user name and password and getting started with instant messaging right away.

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IM buddy

IM buddy is one of the first 3rd party yahoo messenger clients for the Windows 7 Phone. The IM buddy uses published SDK to communicate directly with the yahoo server without any middle or intermediate communicating platform or server. This makes it one of the most reliable IM apps in the marketplace. This application allows you to directly login to your yahoo account with your Yahoo ID and password and you could use it to chat and connect with your friends.


Download IM Buddy for Windows Mobile device now.

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