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After years of preparation and expenses, the Olympics 2012 is finally here in London and with pound reaching an all time high it becomes quite expensive to enjoy these Olympic games in-person. There is always a solution, and here some apps and services for your iPhone/Android are going to appropriately take care of this problem. There are free as well as paid apps and subscriptions  that will let you enjoy  3,500 hours of Olympic events on your iPhone/Android so you don’t have to miss any event of this mega Olympic festival.

In this post we have collected 2 iPhone and Android apps that will help you to Watch Olympics on iPhone or Selected Android device.

1. NBC Olympics Apps for iPhone and Android

NBC in collaboration with Adobe have releases two Olympic exclusive app for  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and selected Android device users. The app provides live broadcast stream of all the vents of Olympics but needs a username and password for log in. You can use their pay-TV subscription for full access and apart from providing full live experience on your iPhone and Android, the NBC’s app also allows you to watch full event replays and Gold Zone Live streaming channel to see all the gold metal events in real time.

The app also makes full use of your social media connections and enables you to follow your favorite sports, teams, and athletes, plus  share content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. And just in case you don’t want to forget any event or be reminded of a certain event, the app allows you to set reminders for  upcoming events and receive push notifications for start times so that you never miss an event. Although, the app ha the capability to bring HD quality live streaming on your device, but smartly enough, it automatically adjusts the quality according to your data connection.

NBC Olympics For iPhone | NBC Olympics for Android

2. BBC Olympics (UK only)

The only requisite to enjoy free Olympic events streaming on your iPhone or Android device using this BBC app is that you need to be in UK.  The unique feature of this app is that even when you are lacking a 3G or Wireless connection it can still deliver latest updates offline. Apart from providing quality live streaming the app intuitively allows you catch up on any highlights or coverage you may have missed.

The app has simple and neat User Interface and bundle of handy features like comprehensive games guide to keep you updated and informed on the go. It indexes every athlete, nation, and event, so you can get detailed facts, stats, and other information any time you like. An unique feature for iPhone is the text commentary along with latest news and results, and more.

BBC Olympics for iPhone  | BBC Olympics for Android


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