Why is My Computer Very Slow and How to Fix it

While working on computer, sometime you feel the computer speed is getting slow. It probably was working fine but since a few days, it’s getting slow and now it is beyond any hope. Now, you are unable to work on the computer. Computer is taking too much time for any action to respond, it acts very weird and makes the screen freeze over and again.

It prevents you to work on any Internet browser as well to work on any document file. When you open a browser, it takes too much time to launch and the same thing happens with all other applications and document files.

Not only this, while start the computer it takes much time to open then to boot and then to open desktop.

It seems weird to work on computer now, most of the time you suffer from this kind of problem.

Does this sound familiar in any way? Believe it or now, we have all faced these kinds of problems at one time or the other. We get so desperate trying to solve this problem that we are ready to pay anything to anyone who comes up with a solution. Well, no more. We are going to show you how to troubleshoot this problem and fix it your own computer at home. Within no time, your computer will be running blazing fast and the life will get back to normal again.

Reasons and Solutions:

The most super reason of computer is slow is related to CPU or RAM.

Computer is very slow because of any one of below reasons here are some reasons and solutions to fix it. It may be only one reason from below and may be more than one reason:

Hardware Reason:

  1. RAM is the reason for computer slow speed.
  2. Hard disk space is full.
  3. Computer is heating or overheating
  4. Some Bad hardware is being used.


  1. RAM is the reason for computer slow speed: RAM need to be increased, it means the RAM size of computer has reached its limit and now you need to increase that. Contact any hardware support team to increase RAM size or buy sufficient RAM yourself if you are DIY type.
  2. Hard disk space is full: It means the size and capacity of hard disk is full. There might be no space on computer to store new files and data. You need to increase the size or hard disk or replace it with a new one.
  3. Computer is heating or overheating : It means computer is full of dust or CPU fan is not responding properly. You can open the system up and tidy up the wires. You can also use a low power vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and dirt that might have been deposited on inside the cabinet.
  4. Some Bad hardware is being used: It means some bad hardware is plugged in. Try to remove those and then restart computer. Examples of these are a malfunctioning printer, a bad USB device, short-circuit in an input device etc.

Software Reason:

  1. Operating system has been corrupted.
  2. Your computer might be affected by a virus.
  3. Task manager overloading
  4. Bad software program installed.


  1. Operating system has been corrupted: It means operating system is not responding properly, try to format computer and re-install Operating system. Else, try to restore it to an earlier date and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. Virus Problem: It means some risky files or virus has entered your computer which is making the computer slow and eating some important resources. You can get an antivirus software to get rid of the virus and perform a full scan.
  3. Task manager overloading: It means task manager is overloading with tasks, the limit of task manager is 40 to 45. If it increases it’ll make the computer slow. You need to end all task and make it less than 40 if possible.
  4. Bad software program: It means some bad softwares having code, logics and functionalities has been installed that is making the computer slow.

Misc. issues

  1. Temp Folder is overloaded.
  2. Left programs are running
  3. Recycle Bin is full
  4. Bad Files have made your computer their home.


1. Temp Folder is overload: it means that temp folder is getting full and or overload.Type %temp% in to Run command and press enter a folder ll open select all files there and press delete to delete all files there.Look at below image for the example to open temp folder :

2. Left programs are running: It means some unresponsive and hidden programs are in run mode, try to open task bar and end those task which are not in use. To open task bar press ctrl+alt+Del in keyboard and click on task bar. Look at below image for the example of task manager :

3. Recycle bin: It can be fixed by merely clearing the recycle bin.

4. Bad Files: It means some bad files which do not have any extensions exist on computer, remove them from computer with the help of a file cleaner like CCleaner etc.

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