When Will the iOS7 Jailbreak and Cydia Become Available?

Yes, this is the big question of the moment right?

With each new operating system it has taken hackers longer to Jailbreak both the operating system and actually have Cydia ready.

There are reports that the iPhone 4 has already been Jailbroken but only in regards to the iOS7 operating system.  There is currently no success in having Cydia than subsequently installed.

As for the new iPhone 5s along with the iPad’s and iPhone 5C at the moment no Jailbreak is available nor is Cydia looking to be ready in the near term for the new Apple iOS7.

The latest buzz says we could be looking at upwards of six months.  Sometimes we get surprised when the community finds a way to Jailbreak the new Apple operating system quickly but with each revision of the iOS it has taken longer and this is not something Apple makes easy by any means.

There is even talk that a Jailbreak and Cydia may never come available for the new iPhones and iOS.  Challenge accepted?

We’ll keep you updated here at Geeknaut as soon as we know anything.

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