Dropped iPhone in Water? Here is What to Do

Apple iPhone is a very expensive and precious device which nobody would want to loose in any circumstance. But there are still many instances where  people encounter the adversity of dropping iPhone in water.

For example, Your iPhone slipped out of your pocket and ran straight down into toilet, or you left it in your clothing and it got washed away in the washing machine or  due to beach incident where this problem occurs most often or somehow you have invented a novel way of wetting your phone.

Whatever the case is, it is never too late to restore your phone back to working condition provided you have not already committed the mistake of switching it on.

Below we have collected some of the methods that will help you to restore your iPhone after you dropped it in water.

1. Do No turn it on

The thing about water is that, it is conductible and once your iPhone falls in water no matter what, do not turn it on.

Turning on the iPhone means allowing the current to pass through unnecessary and over lapping paths, which will lead to short circuits and eventually, temporary or permanent damage to your iPhone.

If you do so, you might even have bade good bye to your iPhone or pay $199  in exchange for a refurbished iPhone only possible if your phone is still under warranty.

2. Dry Out

Assuming that you haven’t already turned your iPhone on or maybe your iPhone is lucky enough to have survived the minor short circuits, all you need to do is open your iPhone case, remove SIM card and then shake out water. Now, use a blow dryer on low heat for 15-30  minutes .

3. Desiccate

Desiccation is a process of extreme drying and the materials or instruments used to do the same are called desiccants and desiccators respectively.

A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance which helps to absorb moisture, and the most easily available desiccant is rice.

After following Step 2 all you have to do is put some rice in a zipped bag and put your iPhone in the center without covering it with anything.

This will ultra dry your iPhone. You can also use more efficient  Silica gels available at most craft stores.

4. Wait

Wait for about 24 hours or more depending on the time of contact between iPhone and water. If your iPhone was in water for few minutes then let it desiccate for 2 -3 days and 6-7 days if your phone was in water for more than that.

Also, you might want  to replace the Rice 3-4 times during the process and also blow dry it for 15 minutes every day.

5. Turn On

After following the above steps precisely you are ready to Turn on your iPhone and surprisingly your iPhone may work as it has happened with many people.

If your iPhone starts normally, check whether everything is working fine, like head phone, Mic, etc. If you see a some minor problems restoring your iPhone to factory settings may help.

If after following these Steps your iPhone still doesn’t turn on, you might want to replace with the refurbished one which Apple now offers at a price of  $199 with 90 days warranty.

Note: Since Apple doesn’t cover Water damage many people would try to fool Apple by portraying some other defects in the iPhone.

But it should be kept in mind that there are 4 sensors in iPhone that turn Pink if immersed in water, making it easy for the folks at Apple to understand water damage. So there is no fooling around. (Or is there? ;))


  1. I dropped my iPod in water before and before I saw this site I did exactly what the instructions are but, I used rice 1st and then a blow dryer.

  2. my iphone droped in water ,but is cover with safe cover with otter box…will my display will affect…what diffect will happen..ple replay me..

    • I will replay you:

      my iphone droped in water ,but is cover with safe cover with otter box…will my display will affect…what diffect will happen..ple replay me..

  3. I dropped my iPhone5 in the toilet today.. The mic and speaker went out for a little bit and I did a system check the music wouldn’t work but my call ringer worked not my text ringer.. It was a little sluggish cause of the water under the screen protector.. Head outlet still worked and it charged… Now everything works on it … And it was submerged for like 5 seconds still on I have a otter box cause.. I would say that what saved it is the otter box.. I was very lucky today..

    • Yea me took just dropped my iphone 5 in the toilet with a griffin survivor case without the sreen protector on cuz I also have an invisible shield screen protecter. But it fell in for 3 second 5 and the volume on my music was really low at first and then it wouldn’t work took it out the case shook it a lil and…………no luck Gave it a couple of mins of shaking it was good then turn it off for 30 min now I’m good bout to get it replace anyways cuz I have a batterie issue but I haven’t got around to backing my phone up yet soo once I do apple said there replace my phone cuz of the battery soo I’m in luck they gave me a paper so all I have to do is show them but thank god for the griffin survivor I recommend it really heavy duty case but adds boulk to the phone but I take it out of the case from time to time to I joy the feel and style of my iphone 5

  4. Thankfully my iPhone 5 dropped into the toilet at a Chinese restaurant! That was Saturday and its been in rice since. I’m thinking ill try to turn it back on tomorrow night.

  5. oh I’m stupid I fall my iPhone 5 when I am having a toilet, it suddenly slide down into it! I’m so scared then I go and wash my IPhone with water (I’m stupid) then clean it with a towel. but I tried to turn it on… then I am having a bad headache… I wanted to cry! I put it to the shop and try fix it now… I’m so sad! I shouldn’t play when I am in toilet!!! I hate myself now!

  6. i dropped my phone in the water and i had no idea that you had to keep it turned off. My friend grabbed it and he dried it. after a couple of hours i went to go grab it, i turned it on and it was working however the camera light was still on and you can see water in the screen. Anyway, I kept it on the remainder of the day and even charged it. Everything else works. I just grabbed a ziplock bag filled it with rice. is it possible that the phone might dry up even though i had left it on for more than 24 hours?

  7. or instead of blowdrying it, you simply plug you Iphone and with the heat that it produces inside of your Iphone it will dwo a better job than the blowdryer since it is working internally and not externally.

    I dropped my phone in the toilet for a good minute and with that technic it is functioning perfectly!

  8. My iphone fell in water and i have had it in rice for three days and my screen has not came on but the LED light comes on everytime i put it on the charger.. any suggestions.??

  9. I dropped my ipod 6 in the toilet a couple weeks ago, I left it in rice for a week and a couple days. It was working fine, my screen, sound, mic, etc. But a few days ago I couldn’t slide my screen to unlock it. It did a couple times but for two days now it wont slide, once it is open I can slide the screen just fine. I don’t know what to do anymore, any suggestions would help! thank you!

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