How To Always Keep Your Android Running Smoothly

There has been a lot of amazing mobile devices to hit the market in the last year or two and an increasing number of people own smartphones. They’re a hot commodity and every year, whether it’s for the holiday season or birthday, the number of people who have smartphones grows. Eventually everyone will have a device, that can do practically anything but no one ever talks about when it doesn’t work. Here’s a list of some basic things the average user can do to keep their Android running smoothly so it lives for a long time.

Remove Your Battery:

Most people know how to remove the battery on their phone but if you’re not, look up how to do it online. This may sound ridiculous but it’s surprising how little some people know about the devices they use every day. Turn your phone off before attempting to remove the power source. You should do this about once every month. You won’t loose anything like your music, apps, or downloaded files but what it does is sets your phone close to factory condition. If you’re not sure how to do this you can always contact your provider’s technical support department and they can walk you through the process.

Clearing Market Cache:

You’ll want to do this often because it can slow down your device having all of that stored data that’s completely useless. To delete the market cache first you’ll want to click menu> settings> applications> manage applications> market> then click clear cache. This is a simple and effective way to free up a little space, especially if you install and uninstall a lot of applications. You want to keep your device as clean on the outside as you do on the inside.

Clear Your Browser:

This is done for very similar reasons as when you clear the market cache. It frees up storage space and allows your Android to run smoothly. The difference is that your browser history is a storage hog and takes up a ton of room. This is an essential tip. To clear browser caches, click browser> more> settings> clear cache> clear history> clear all cookie data.

Axing Unused Widgets:

A lot of people usually don’t clear off their screen from all of the widgets that are there. You might not think about it at first but they will drain your battery, as well as slow down your phone. These widgets are using processor power too and clearing them up can really help out.

These are good tips to keep your Android device happy and healthy. If you want to look for other routine maintenance you can either go online and check or call the technical support department and check with them. Everything, no matter what it is, needs maintenance from time to time and your Android is no different. Just because it needs it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with it.

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