How to Record and Download Streaming Videos: 5 Easy Ways

If you are searching for how to record streaming video from websites like YouTube and wondering if you have the software or app for such purpose, you have come to the right place. You cannot download streaming videos online with the “Save target option” but there are some ways you can actually record streaming videos online, 5 of the best ways for doing these are;

• Download Helper Websites like Keepvid

• Web Browser Plug-ins or Extensions Such as DownloadHelper or FlashGot

• Commercial Software Like Cam studio

• Video Players Downloaders like Real Player, and

• Video Converters.

Using KeepVid

keepvid youtube download

You can use websites like and numerous others to down videos from YouTube or other streaming websites. Just go to the website and enter the URL of the video you want to download and you will be presented with links to the video file. You can also select the appropriate quality of the video you want to download.

Using Video Converters

If you are searching for how to record streaming video with the easiest possible way, then you need to get and install a video converter. Some of these converters are free while others cost very small amount of money. Even though the supported websites for most converters are limited, they will still allow you to download from popular websites like YouTube. Despite the limited website downloads, video converters offer several advantages, these include; ability to edit and convert downloaded videos to different formats. Here are the steps involved in the use of video converters for downloading streaming videos online;

Step 1: Download the video converter and Install on your computer

Step 2: Launch the program after installation

Step 3: Click the add button on your converter and a window will show up where you can input streaming video URL.

Step 4: Copy and paste the URL in the download window and click “OK” to start the download.

Step 5: After a short period, you will see a notification that the URL is being processed, click the ‘Start” button or option to download the video.

A typical video converter for downloading streaming videos will appear like the picture below;

video convertor

Using Web Browser Extension or Add-On

This is probably the easiest way of download streaming videos from most of the websites on the internet. Just install a simple browser extension or addon and you will be well on your way to downloading countless streaming videos. The best of this lot are DownloadHelper for Firefox and Video Downloader for Google Chrome.

Step 1: If you don’t have a firefox browser, you need to download one directly from the website

Step 2: Download your firefox extension at, click “save” once it has been downloaded.

Step 3:  Save the add-on you just downloaded in the extension folder of firefox within your program files.

Step 4: You will get an automatic request to add the firefox extension whenever you open the browser. Simply click “Install now”

Step 5: Once you have installed the extension, a tool bar will appear at the left hand corner at the top of your browser address bar.

Step 6: Just before you use the web browser extension to record a stream video on the Internet, you need to open the video streaming page, click on an arrow beside your firefox video downloader, and select the format with which you want to save the streaming video. If you don’t select any format then the downloader will save the video in an FLV format at default.

Step 6: Choose the folder to save your video and it will be stored permanently on your computer.

download helper

Using Commercial Software

If you are searching for how to record streaming video via some commercial websites, then you need to be careful because many free downloader software have viruses or malwares that can cause harm to your computer, therefore you need to make sure you are downloading from a reputable website.

Step 1: Download the commercial streaming video downloader and install on your computer

Step 2: Your software folder should be automatically created in your document file or on your desktop as an icon.

Step 3: Launch the video you want to record on YouTube or any other website you are recording from.

Step 4: Depending on the download software you are using, you might be required to copy the streaming video URL directly to the download box on the downloader.

Step 5: Click “start download’ button or the “OK” button and the streaming video automatically downloads on your computer.

Make sure you look for downloader software that comes with a video editing option so that you can easily convert the videos into formats that are compatible with your computer.

If you are looking for how to record streaming video in the safest possible way, it is advisable to go with add-ons or extensions on your web browser, they normally do not have malwares that can harm your computer. Malware is a problem associated with download software.

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