How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo
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Many of you already know this but for the rest of the people that don’t know how to fix iPhone stock on apple logo, we have an awesome post that will help you out. Apple iPhone is an expensive, precious device one would never want to loose, and sometimes this misfortune does hit some people. Many people complain that there iPhone stuck on Apple Logo without knowing the proper reason behind it.

This might be due to some application or due to problem that may occur during Jailbreak. There are a lot of things you can do to your iPhone before concluding that your iPhone is dead and it needs to be replaced. If it is stuck on Apple logo, it isn’t bricked and here are a few things you can do to fix your iPhone.

Please note that you are following these instructions on your own risk. If anything happens to your device after following my instructions, I am in no way responsible. If you want a risk-free method of fixing your iPhone, take it to the Apple store.

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1. Fix Verizon iPhone 4 Stuck On Apple Logo without Reset.

This iPhone Stuck on Apple logo is very infamous with Verizon iPhone 4 which quite often happens due to Jailbreak done with JailbreakMe 3.0. This condition is quite noisome considering the time and effort it takes to Jailbreak an iPhone and then having to reset it without enjoying the Jailbreak features. To preserve your iPhone from this catastrophe you can follow these  3  steps to resume your iPhone 4 to working condition without having to “Restore factory settings”.

Step 1: Open your Computer and Download  RedSn0w 0.9.6rc19 from here. A Jailbreak fix custom bundle is also required that Varies for each firmware version of your Verizon iPhone 4.

Step 2: After downloading the RedSn0w, install and then launch the software on your computer. Once you select your firmware version you are currently running on your Verizon iPhone 4 you will need to check the Custom Bundle Option and then select the custom bundle (the Jailbreak Fix) you downloaded prior.

Step 3: After you select the custom bundle all you need to do is follow RedSn0w instructions till your iPhone re-Jailbreaks. That’s it! These three easy steps should be able to get your Verizon iPhone out of the stuck Apple logo bug.

2. SSH Method

SSH stands for Secure Shell that is commonly used in Unix/Linux to transfer files and execute commands from a different machine located miles away. As iPhone is just a stripped down version of Mac OS X , so this SSH method can also be used on iPhone to control your device remotely using Wi-Fi.

After you have fully understood SS you can SSH into your iPhone and download  file “”  from 


  • The file is in binary form and you can covert it here into text here
  • After conversion locate the key “DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES.” in the file by opening the file with a good text editor. (Notepad ++).
  • This key contains the path of all dylib files which springboard will try to load at startup. Each file location is separated by a ‘:‘. Remove the the complete path of the dylib file you think is causing the problem.
  • Save the file as and put it back on the iPhone in the/System/Library/LaunchDemons/ folder
  • Restart your iPhone and you may be successful.

3. Hold Standby and Home Button

In many cases this simple method has proved successful and has saved pockets and hearts of many people when the Silver colored Apple just pops up on screen before booting. To execute this,Hold down the Home and hold button simultaneously for 10 seconds and if you are lucky this might do the trick. You may also continue holding these buttons for 20-30s but if you iPhone doesn’t show any response in first fifteen seconds then there is a probability that it won’t show it even in hours.

4. Restore Factory settings

Although this option erases all the data and settings on your phone but it is a better option than just seeing your iPhone dead. Normally, Restore factory setting is done by syncing your iPhone with iTunes and then clicking restore. But since your iPhone is not turning on, you’ll need a different technique. Start by connecting your iPhone’s USB cable to Dock connector (Not computer) . Now, hold down the home button and connect the other end of the USB to you computer which will automatically launch iTunes from which you can put your iPhone into recovery mode and you will restore your iPhone within no time.

5. Using DFU mode

The iPhone stuck at Apple logo is a symptom of problem with the booting system. This often results due to Jailbreaking or updating your iPhone to latest iOS without enough battery life. You can fix this easily by entering into DFU Mode.

A DFU mode stand for Device Firmware Update mode which helps you to make small changes to the software that is exactly responsible for running your device. It is most often confused with Recovery Mode but it is very comprehensive than that.  To enter into DFU mode follow these steps

Step1: Connect your iPhone with Computer

Step2: Since your device is turned off  you need to  hold down the sleep/power and Home buttons at the same time for at-least 10 seconds. Be patient in this step and make sure you hold these buttons for exactly 10 seconds because otherwise you will enter into recovery mode.

Step 3: After 10 seconds have passed, let go of the sleep/power button, but keep holding the Home Button.

Step4: Now Apple Logo will appear on you iPhone but you should not stop holding the home button until recovery warning pops up on your iTunes.

Step 5:  A difference between DFU and recovery mode can understood by observing your iPhone screen. If it is black then you are in DFU mode and if shows  a cable connecting to the iTunes icon then you are in recovery mode. The latter cases you will need to repeat all the steps and this time you should lay more emphasis on Step 3 and Step 4. It is normal if you don’t get there in first few tries.

Once you are in DFU mode you can downgrade your iPhone iOS in case the new version has created the problem.


  1. Hi Tony! What kind of stuff you don’t want to lose? According to your situation, you need a 3rd party recovery tool, it can help you recover files from your iPhone 5s and fix the stuck on blinking logo. I recommend you try the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. It can recover all kinds of data, You can have a try. But the most important, you should backup your stuff in time.

  2. Hey Natalie, my iPhone 4 was doing exactly the same thing as yours. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of, nothing seemed to be working. Before I threw the phone out, I decided to take it apart as a last resort. I am writing this message on the same exact iPhone 4 that I’m telling out about. !!!!!!!The problem was the battery not being fully connected!!!!!!! No contact between the battery and the phone’s motherboard, due to a loose cable. All I did was put a small piece of printer paper folded on half two times right on top of the cable running from the battery, more specifically on top of the cable where it connects into th motherboard. Then I simply put the phone back together and voila!! Everything now works for the last few months =]] I’ve dropped this phone SO MANY TIMES, definitely used and abused it, and STILL no problems since the fix I just described =]] (knock on wood). Hope I was able to help, good luck!!

  3. i ve tried all but stiill am stuck a blinking apple logo on and off after upgrading cydia essitials softwares

  4. I have a big problem and I do not want to lose my jailbreak restore because I have an iPhone 5 in 6.1.2, I’m caught in the loop apple desinstalation after a tweak, I tried reboot, j have tried home + power + button and when it starts, nothing, I’m lost, can you please help me?

  5. my iphone 3gs is stuck on the apple logo and keeps flashing on and off, my laptop wont pick up the phone but will pick up ipad. HELP PLEASE!!!

  6. Same is with my case, i just erased all settings and did a reset to an IPhone 3G, right after this it stuck at logo, i tried everything as explained but in vain, i am not getting into DFU mode anyways, is there any solution for me,
    Your feedback will be much appreciated

  7. I just used the DFU mode and I think my iPhone is fixed, after 10 dreadful months with a blackberry, I actually have a chance, I don’t know who you are but I love you, you are my new pride and joy, I can’t even explain how grateful I am.

  8. That worked great! The only website that actually describes how to solve the problem in various ways! VERY GOOD!

  9. i just posted a comment in here base on my personal experience..i also stuck up on apple logo after upgrading a tweaks and restart springboard..i stare up in my iphone in the whole night and apple logo always appear in the screen, i dont know what to do that time..but i did unexpected solution……i removed my sim for me to transfer it to other phone in order to use it, but im very happy bcoz my phone start up!!!..after that i reboot my iphone and insert back my sim and its all okay now!!

  10. hey im nat i need help my iphone 4 turned off ! iv tryed everything when i plug it in it just shows the red battery then it shows the logo and repeasts itself!

  11. PLEASE HELP ME. i need help learning how to get my phone back to work, my iphone 3gs ios 5.1.1 is stuck on the apple logo, and i don’t know how to get it back to working properly. I’ve tried to hold down both the home, and sleep button but nothing worked. i tried connecting it to my computer, but i dont want to risk losing all of my data and apps. is there anyway that i can get all my stuff back to work without having to restore?

  12. gianno plug it into a computer/mac with iTunes and click restore it’ll ask if you want to “back up and restore” click “back up and restore” it’ll walk you through the rest

  13. Hi, my bro thought he was a pro, now a dumb nut ok. My problem is.. My iphone 3gs is was working fine until the mail app went nuddy, then he went and ssh on the phone cause his mr IT. Anyway he then changed the the mail folder attributes and proceeded to mark it sticky and everything went to hell from there.. I take atlease 6 swipes to opeb the phone and no app is working but my notifications still comes true, please help, if i restore all my business stuff will be gone.. And does this method of yours help fix my problem? Thanx in advance

  14. They’re actually right ya know? Losing your data is a lot more appealing than losing your iPhone altogether! God, I love the iPhone but I merely use mine like an iPod touch via ‘hacktivation.’ Good work everyone for making this little attachment possible! I’m definitely bookmarking this page 🙂

  15. i used one of these to fix my iphone that the power button is broke and it worked i love this site!!!

    • My iPhone was not detected by iTunes while getting it into DFU mode. However, my friend helped me get it fixed with Mobiledic iOS System Recovery app. well, it really took me sometime to sort it out.

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