The Ultimate Guide to Cydia Apps

Quite a lot of people with an iOS device would have thinking about jailbreaking. Cydia is what provides a lot of possibilities. It allows users to find and install a number of free, cracked and premium Cydia apps on the device so they can experience HD themes, tweaks, games and unlimited applications.  It also allows users to redesign their user interface or install apps that have been rejected by Apple. The possibilities are endless with Cydia apps. Given below is the ultimate guide to some of the best Cydia apps available out there:


Cydia Activator


On each Apple device, the only actual button on the device is the home button. This home button has two main functions. It can be used to leave any menu or application to return to your home screen. You can also double tap the home button to bring up your audio controls. You can also switch into apps that were previously opened with this button. Activator is a Cydia app which can supercharge this humble home button. It allows you to set more functions and interaction options for your home button. If you would like to get access to more functions with this one simple button, Activator is the top app to do that.

Browser Chooser

Browser Chooser is a very simple Cydia application. Once you install it, you will be able to have a new menu in Settings. Here you will be able to select a browser of your choice to act as your default. After you have selected the browser you will be able to use it instead of the default Safari.


SBSettings is an iconic and perhaps the best ever Cydia apps available today. If you want to change settings on your iOS device you will normally need to open your Settings and go through different menus. However, SBSettings allows you to turn your Bluetooth or WiFi on and off, select Airplane mode or change brightness and do a lot more within seconds. Once you swipe across your status bar you can tap on the icon of settings in your drop-down menu to make the changes.

Hands-free Control

Hands-free Control allows you to access and use Siri, your voice assistant, without ever having to touch the device. You can select a keyword that you will use for activating Siri. Whenever you say that word out loud your device will put Siri on for you.

What are your favorite Cydia Apps so far this year?  Which repo is your favorite?  Share with us in the comments….

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