Too Many Pattern Attempts? Here is a Quick Fix

“Too many pattern attempts” is quite common error faced by Pattern unlock Android users that unfold when 20 incorrect patterns unlock tries have been made accidentally (or deliberately). Many situations lead to this Phone lock like maybe your Kid thought of it as an interesting game or someone intentionally wanted to lock you out of your smartphone. When this happens, your Android phone automatically suggests you log in with your linked Google account and change the Pattern lock, but most of the times it is not as easy as it seems. This is because you might not have turned your Wi-Fi or carrier Internet service on and also this error seems to be a common bug in most of the Android Phones.

So, even if you are sure about your Linked Google Account username and Password there is a possibility that you may not still be able to get access to your Android phone by this method. When this happens there are always other effective methods you can try and resolve your problem

In this post, we have collected all the methods that you can use to get rid of Too many pattern attempts error.

Method 1: Enabling Google Account

One of the main reasons why you may not be able to access your Android device with your Linked Google account is because you might have multiple accounts set up on your Phone like Facebook/YouTube or Twitter account. This leads to technical confusion and in the steps that follow we will guide you on how to enable these multiple accounts except your Google Account. It should, however, be noted that this method is not supposed to work with every Android device but there is no harm in trying.

Android too Many Pattern Attempts

Step 1: Power off and then Power on your Android device.

Step 2: Start Tapping home button fast(4-5 times/sec) right after you see you Phone’s logo on the screen. During this process, you might notice Emergency call button popping up often and in that case, you need to keep on tapping it and the home button simultaneously. Also, password or keypad screen may flash on your screen few times and you will also notice a lag time due to tapping and this is a part of the process.

Step 3: If this process has worked for you, you will see your Android home buttons at the bottoms which confirms you have gained access to your device. If it doesn’t work for the first time, try again and you might want to take help of some other tech savvy guy with swift fingers to ensure fast tapping. The success rate of this process is about 15-50% so you might want to try again until you succeed.

Step 4: After you have gained access to your device navigate to Settings>Accounts & Sync.

Step 5: Now, under manage accounts remove all accounts except Google.

Step 6: Power off and On your device again, enter your Google account User Name and Password and you are ready to set a new pattern lock for your Android device.

Method 2: Using Desktop App

There is an App available on Desktop Android Online store and it can bee used free to bypass Android pattern lock.  The app is named as Screen Lock Bypass Pro and works only if you remember the username and Password of Google account that is linked with your Android Device. The app basically helps you bypass your device’s Pattern lock so you can enter the settings and change it from your Desktop.

Desktop Android Pattern Unlock

Step 1: Log in using your Google Account Username and Password from Desktop Browser on It is necessary that you use the same Google account you have linked your Android device with. Once you are in the market Download Screen Lock Bypass Pro

Step 2: Select your Phone and wait for the app to Install.

Step 3: Go to Settings from your Desktop app then navigate to Accounts & Sync>Manage Accounts and remove all accounts except your Google account.

Step 4: Now, power off your device to trigger too many pattern attempts again, and then Log in using your Google Account again to properly set new Pattern Lock.

Method 3: Using Google Account

This final method is supposed to work for almost all Android device’s but does come with some pre-requisites. This method will only work if you know the username and password of the Google account you have linked with your Android Device and you should also remember the original Pattern Lock.  However, if you don’t recall the Google account you linked your device with you can confirm it by logging into your Google account from your browser and then navigating to If this is the account you have linked your Android device with, you will be able to see your device in the settings tab. In case you don’t find your device here, you have probably linked some other Google ID with your device.

Step 1: Log in to your Google account from Desktop browser.

Step 2: Go to OR click your e-mail on the top right corner, select Account settings, then hit “Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen” towards the bottom, click “Authorizing applications & sites ” under your Personal Settings > Security.

Step 3: Under “Connected Sites, Apps & Services – “Revoke Access” of your Google Account with Android. You will see the screen showing “You have successfully revoked access to Full Account Access”

Step 4: Now you can enter your Google account Username and Password on your Device and it will accept it this time. You can then draw new pattern lock and gain access to your device.



  1. Before you peform this unlock you must remove the sim card and sd card or it will not reset!

    With the phone turned of, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefy press the POWER button.

    Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button.

    Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press POWER.

    When asked to confirm, press VOLUME UP

    Restore settings and contacts from the sd card and you’re away

  2. I 4get my google account password n I can’t unlock my samsung phone……and also my home button is not working what can I do????pls help….

    • hi there

      your best advice is to find a local shop that is able to repair the home button for you, then you should be able to follow the recovery instructions.

      all the best, Geeknaut

  3. i have a blackberry leap and i cant remember my pattern and now its locked me out and i cant see any way of getting back in???

    plz help!!!

  4. M using samsungGT S5300 Vodacom network and the pattern attempts and m trying to fix it but m failing so is possible to help me with another phone & another sim please disparate

  5. you rock man!!
    Method 3 worked for me.
    But the steps need some refinement. I tried going to Google Settings -> Connected app & sites. It showed my android phone in the list. I clicked on the phone option and press on the button ‘Remove’. After that activity is completed, I tried using my gmail account and password on the phone. It worked great.

  6. The thing is, the email that (I think) is linked to my Android Tablet belongs to my MOM, she won’t tell me the password of her email, atleast I think she won’t
    I wish I could access my Tablet 🙁

  7. Help me ! How can I open my Samsung Galaxy Y if I tried so many times in the patterns but I forgot my email and password in my google account so I made another google account how can I unlock it when I’m using another account? Please help me I’ve been searching about it on days . Please help.

  8. doesn’t work with my huawei acsend g 300.
    after too many wrong attempt of password it request me to login to my Gmail account. however I am not connected to the internet! help please cpz my devise got many to me.

  9. My tablet is iTechie why isnt it worked all of it,There is nothing that pops up like REMOVE LOCK PASSWORD Its just all black could you help me with this?:)
    its just that I could not repair it in where I bought it co’z i lost my reciept

  10. why is it not working there is nothing that pop up like REMOVE LOCK PASSWORD its all black nothing pops up at all could you help me:) Its brand is

  11. the revoke staff is not working for me yet my browser tells me exactly per our instructions that i have successfully revoked access to full account

  12. Help me ! How can I open my Samsung Galaxy S II if I tried so many times in the patterns but I forgot my email and password in my google account so I made another google account how can I unlock it when I’m using another account? Please help me I’ve been searching about it on weeks. I want to use it again. Please help. 🙁

  13. i have a samsung galaxy was locked by pattern lock.someone tried to open it bt he gave wrong pattern. so it wanted now google account to open.i gave my google account bt it didnt work.what can i do now.someone plz help me….

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