Top 10 Network Scanning Software and How to Use Them

The top 10 network scanning software are rated based on a number of factors; ease of usage, sharing of network assets, network control and monitoring features, network protection effectiveness, Network repair and maintenance features, and  support licensing. Home computer systems need easy access to scanners, printers and internet connections and the best possible way of ensuring this is to use an effective network scanning system. Here are some of the things you need to look out for in Network scanning software;

 •Ease of Usage

Network scanning software do not need many applications to make it effective, a single task wizard that a novice can use is enough. It must be able to scan, and share internet connection easily.

• Connectivity of Network device

The network scanning software must work with wireless router configuration seamlessly, the software should also allow a user choose multiple Wi-Fi Networks while his personal information and files are still being protected.

• Unlimited sharing of network files

Device sharing activities with Network Attached storage {NAS}, cameras, phones and other gadgets must be provided easily by the ideal Network scanning software.

• Network control and monitoring

Good network scanning software must be able to provide better control and monitoring capabilities over network. The software should be able to block internet threats, limit access to individual’s computers, and track visited websites.

• It must offer excellent network protection

Good network scanning software must provide adequate encryption support for the user’s network, and protect its user from unwanted third party threats.

• It must support diverse operating systems

Good network scanning software must support diverse platforms and operating systems. It must also support numerous gadgets, most especially PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

 • It must support upgrades and licensing

If necessary network scanning software will need periodic updates, therefore the one you choose for yourself must have a technical support feature for licensing and upgrade issues.

Top 10 Network Scanning Software             

1.  Spiceworks IT desktop

This is one of the top network scanning software around. It is a free all-in-one network management software that is browser based. You can use this network software by downloading it for free and follow user usage instructions. It comes with a help desk support system to ask for help from an IT staff.

Scanning Software

2.  The Network scanner

This is quick way of taking inventory for all devices assembled and connected to your computer. It comes with a utility that scans your network and provide details such as IP addresses, this software also reveals any publicly shared folders and you use it by installing it online and follow the guide.


3.  The Netbrute scanner

One of the best network scanning software around. This is free software providing different features. This software helps you test your network security. This software scans all computers on a network and then looks for security lapses, shared folders and resources. You can configure each computer based on your findings. This software works for all windows OS.

Netbrute Scanner

4.  Test network speed

This network scanner is used in checking network problems including slow networks and non-responding networks. This scanning software helps you detect which computer is using the most bandwidth size and many more.

5. Bandwidth Monitor 2 Lite Editions

This Network scanning software will track bandwidth use in real time. This software also displays download bandwidth usage. It keeps records of bandwidth usages by computers and other gadgets. Simply download and install it and check your bandwidth logs.


6.  LAN speed test

This is bandwidth and speed detection network scanning software. This software displays and holds historical records of bandwidth usage. You can reduce excess demands of bandwidths users by checking the records displayed.

7.  InSSIDER 2

This network scanning software is an excellent Network troubleshooting tool. Some wireless networks are characterized by dead spots that may slow down the entire system. This free network scanning software will help you detect signal strength in all parts of an area- your office for instance.

8.  Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

This is network scanning software for troubleshooting wireless networks. It gives information on all networks it detects, it also helps you detect whether a network is properly configured. It also works as a network speed tester to help you detect the speed of your network.


9.  Tethnitium MAC Address changer

This network scanner software helps you detect when an intruder has stepped into your network. It bans all devices on your network except the ones with allowed MAC address. It gives you a strong signal if you need to update your Network security.

10.  Find MAC address

This is network scanning software that works for MAC operating systems. This tool is free for non-commercial usage and also costs 30$ for commercial usages. It detects all devices including tablets and smartphones on a network.  It simply creates an inventory for all devices on your MAC OS computer network.

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