How to Trace an IP Address

What is an IP Address?

What is an ip address


IP Address simply means Internet Protocol Address. Each computer or device has its own unique number, which is called the IP address. Your computer can find and communicate with other devices in the internet through this IP address.

Why Do We Need to Trace an IP Address?

The internet is a tool for communication and information. However, some individuals use the internet for malicious intent. If you are a victim of any online criminal activity, the police can trace their IP address and locate the computer that these people used. Other people trace IP addresses to gather data for their studies or statistical purposes.

Ways to Trace IP Address

trace ip address map

There are many ways to trace an IP address. You can do it yourself by following several steps or you can get the help of IP tracker services that can be found online. IP tracker is the easier option but you can also use your PC to track down those IP addresses.

Tracing IP Address on Your PC

You have decided to track down an IP address. The first step is to click Start and type Run. Write down “cmd” inside the dialog box and press Ok. Now you have to find the IP address by using nslookup command. You have to type nslookup with the hostname and press the Enter button. Several lines will come out and these includes names and address lines. One nslookup command can give you more addresses. This happens because these are all addresses of computers that are located in one area or building and doing the same tasks. You can trace anyone of these addresses. Now that you have obtained your IP address, you can start running a traceroute. This command can take some time depending on the speed of your internet. Look at the results of the traceroute and you will see a series of columns. On the final column, the hostname or the IP address will appear.

Tracing IP Address Using IP Tracker


IP Tracker

You can easily find IP tracker services online. These IP trackers can help you find the general location of a particular IP address and other information that you need to know. The first thing you have to do is to get the exact IP address. These IP addresses always come in sets of numbers with periods. After getting the IP address, you can now go to the IP tracker website. They will usually show your own IP address and tell you where to enter the IP address that you want to trace. The website will automatically trace the IP address that you’ve given. The results of the trace can provide you with the location and the ISP.

Result of the IP Address Trace

IP Address Trace Results

If the trace is successful, you can find out which internet service provider he or she is using. If the user is using an office computer, the ISP can show the name of the company. The approximate location will also be identified. However, the trace will not yield any names of the user. The ISP will only release names under court order.







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