5 Best iPhone Camera Mounts

Apple iPhone represents the ultimate level of everything one can have on a smartphone and with regular updates, apps and accessories the already good investment remains upscale no matter what.

There are a plethora of accessories available for iPhone which maximize its functionality, productivity, entertainment faculty, design and overall add to quality experience on iPhone’s already ingenuous design. iPhone camera mounts are one of the many accessories exclusively available for iPhone that help maximize photography and video recording experience on your iPhone.

1. Bubo for iPhone 4

This sturdy iPhone Camera mount adds a perfect grip, lens and other exclusive camera features to take your iPhone’s already quality camera to an impeccable level. The basic ides behind Bubo camera mount is to take the ease and sharing of device you already have and transform it into a fully functional imaging device. The mount also has a separate Mic to support the HD video recording of your iPhone with pleasant voice recording and  you can answer the phone when your iPhone is in this versatile Bubo iPhone camera mount.

Price: $161.45Bubo for iPhone 4

2. iBox Mini Adjustable Tripod+camera Holder for iPhone

This Mini adjustable Tripod for your iPhone can be used to shoot still videos and photos. You can adjusted for a 90 tilt or 360 pan  for a desirable viewing angle. Moreover, the tripod can also be used as a stand for comfortable viewing experience and its open design does not deprive your iPhone of charging. To stop your iPhone from slipping while in this tripod, the legs are extended and individually installed with non-slip rubber  feet.

Price: $4.75 | iBox Mini Adjustable Tripod+camera Holder for iPhone

3. Olloclip Quick-Connect Lens Solution 

Transform your iPhone into an artistic, easy, slim and  portable photography gear with this all in one lens solution for your iPhone from Olloclip. The device besides being equipped with a stable and secure stand also has unique 3 in 1 lens as  Fish eye, wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens for fun and creative capture experience on your iPhone.

Price:  $69.99 | Olloclip Quick-Connect Lens Solution

4. Joby Gorillamobile  iPhone 4 camera mount

Gorilla iPhone camera mount means you can mount your iPhone4 at almost every place imaginable without having to care about abrasion or drops. Its sleek bumper design protects you iPhone plus the  lightweight and unique design makes it easily pocketable. It also has an adaptable rail design for portrait or landscape orientation. Moreover, it has a bonus camera adapter clip stand that doubles as a tripod for point-and-shoot cameras.

Price: $36.23 | Joby Gorillamobile  iPhone 4 camera mount

5. HHI Camera Kit for iPhone 4

This iPhone camera kit contains a 8X Camera Zoom Lens with Mini Tripod and Special Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s plus a HandHelditems Sketch Stylus Pen for easy and stylish iPhone  navigation. The long focal lens helps you get clear zoomed images on your iPhone and the tripod is built smartly to help you shoot still videos and images. Overall, at $28 the camera kit is a bargain considering the features and accessories it has to offer.

Price: $28.99 | HHI Camera Kit for iPhone 4

We hope that you like these mounts for the Apple iPhone 4 or 4s device. These will definitely help you take better photos and avoid shaky photos as much as possible. You might also like cydia apps you should have and some retina wallpapers for the iPhone that will give your phone a new look.

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