30 HD Funny Wallpapers for Desktop

We all use computers and laptops for work as well as fun. Sometimes it is just not enough though. Sometimes, even playing video games can bore you and you need something different to look at when you close all windows and just want to stare at your desktop. That exactly where this post comes in. We know that having a funny wallpaper can not only bring that long lasted smile on your face but it will also make others feel you have done something totally different with your desktop.

We have collected and showcased 30 best funny wallpapers with HD resolution. You can put these wallpapers on all desktop resolutions with little to no effect on the quality. These wallpapers won’t fail to impress your colleages andor friends. Some of these wallpapers are just full of humor while others have a cartoonish feel to them.

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These wallpapers not only add an eye-candy to your desktop, but these are creative in a way that they get the emotions across with just 1 frame. These will also help you kick-start your day with a smile. Without further ado, lets get to the list.

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