What Is Svchost.exe And Why Is It Taking High CPU Usage

If you are wondering that why your system is slowing down every time you start it, then there could be several reasons behind that. One of the common reasons could be lots of svchost.exe instances running on your system at the same time. You must be thinking that what is svchost.exe and why it is slowing your system? Well, the svchost.exe is like a container that the Windows uses to invoke various parts of the Windows operating systems. It is normal if there is one svchost.exe running on your system but lots of the running on your system is abnormal and can slow down your system drastically.

svchost exe cpu

What svchost.exe does?

What is svchost.exe and what is it that it does? The svchost.exe is a Windows system file and it performs several tasks in the Windows. This is the file that is responsible for automatic updates, running plug and play devices, Windows firewall, Themes, and running various other vital process. Normally people who experience system slow down frequently is those who have the automatic updates option, on. It is normal to let the automatic updates on, but sometimes multiple svchost.exe files can be seen running on the system that can eat-up almost all the CPU resources.

Reasons of the Multiple svchost.exe Running:

If you see several svchost.exe running simultaneously, then there could be several reasons behind that. It might be your operating system processes different vital works, but 9 out of the 10 time the situation is caused by a virus, hidden malware or other threats on your computer. You can easily check the number of svchost.exe running on your system by pressing Ctr+Alt+Del simultaneously. If you see several svchost.exe running at the same time, you can fix the problem easily by a new released Windows patch.

Identify the Problem:

Before you run the patch on your system, you have to make sure that your system is slowing down because of svchost.exe. You can confirm the condition by pressing Ctr+Alt+Del simultaneously to open Windows Task manager. Once task manager is in front of you, “processes” could be opened to see svchost.exe. If you svchost.exe is creating a problem for you then you will see that the file is using 99% or sometimes 100% CPU resources.

How to Fix the Problem on XP Operating System?

The first thing you have to do is to connect your system with a fast internet connection. Once you have connected to the internet, you can visit the official website of Microsoft or you can google the phrase “WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe” to download it. Download one more file that says “fix_svchost.bat” and save both files on your C drive. There is one more file that you have to download and that is of WindowsXP-KB927891.exe. Once you have saved these files on your system, restart it into safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows starts, if you don’t know for instance.

Log into Administrator Account:

Once you have selected safe mode successfully, then log into the Administrator account. Generally Administrator account doesn’t have any password set and you can just type Administrator and hit the login button, but sometimes people use password there, hence you have to know the password before you get into administrator account. Then from the run, open the fix_svchost.bat file. Once you have done that successfully, you will see a command line pop-up on your screen. On black pop-up window, you will see several white lines are scrolling down, then let the process complete itself, hence just sit and relax until the process finishes.

Let the Black Window Finish its Job:

One thing more that once the process finishes the black window will close itself, hence you don’t have to do the hassle of closing the black window, so just sit and watch. Once the black window goes away, grab the mouse again and go to “run”. Here you have to find that “WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe” file you have saved on your system earlier. Run the file and follow all the prompts.

Not Done Yet!

Wait a second, you are not finished yet. There is one step more, before you say that you have fixed the problem. Once the installation of the above file is finished, again you have to open the “run” and open “WindowsXP-KB927891.exe”. Yeah, this is the file you have saved on your C drive earlier remember. Wait until the file runs. Once the file is finished, you are still not finished. No, you don’t have to run more files on your system, you are almost done. To complete the process, just restart your system and log into your normal account. This should solve your problem without any doubt. Once you have followed the process successfully, enjoy the speed of your system! Now you can help anyone who is asking what is svchost.exe with ease. Once you have followed the process successfully, enjoy the speed of your system!


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