How to Print from Windows Phone 7

We use our smartphones for a lot of works, from creating and reading documents, sending mails to taking pictures. Sometimes printing is one of the common stuff we want with our phone. It could be printing our favorite picture or taking prints of your important docs, everyone at some point of time needs a tool to print stuffs from their mobile devices.

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Printing your stuffs with RoboPrint

Robo print is an app available for Windows Phone users, which will help users to print contents from their windows phone. Like other apps you don’t need your phone to be connected through a WiFi rather you will need an internet connection available with your phone and the printer.

This app allows you to create several different profiles for you home, office or any other printers, so that you don’t need to sync them, each time you print something. This app doesn’t need your printer to be available locally, you only need to make sure that they are connected with the internet and you can print virtually from anywhere.

This app provides you with a free window host application, that you will need to install into the computer you will be using to print your stuffs. Using this app then connect to your windows phone, then browse for the file and choose the file you want to print. The connection is done wirelessly with the help of internet.


If all these features are what you want in your Windows Phone 7, download RoboPrint for Windows Phone 7 now.

Printing with Active Print Traveler

Active print traveler is a third party application that allows you to print directly from your windows mobile.

First go to the active print traveler website and download the application. You can either download the application on your computer or then transfer it to your phone or you can directly download it on your phone itself. You can download Active Print Traveler.

Hope this suffices your printing needs on your Windows Phone 7.

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