New Apple iOS 11 update
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Apple iOS 11 Reveal Date Confirmed For June

Apple could be about to put big smiles on their customers’ faces by releasing the long-awaited iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad owners. The Californian-based company should unveil their latest operating system next month […]

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6 Apps to Install Before You Travel

Smartphones have changed pretty much every aspect of modern life and can prove very handy in particular when you’re away from home. You can find recommendations and services in an instant without having to know […]

Android Applications

How to Send Large Files

Although sending large files to friends, family or colleagues can seem like a real pain, if you want to share a holiday video, a batch of pictures or a program file without putting either email […]


5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Phones these days seem to be able to do everything almost intuitively, so it’s perfectly easy to have your phone for years, maybe with some issues you didn’t know you could fix, things you didn’t […]

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