Android Applications

How to Send Large Files

03/09/2016 Axel Brown 0

Although sending large files to friends, family or colleagues can seem like a real pain, if you want to share a holiday video, a batch of pictures or a program file without putting either email […]


5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

09/08/2016 Axel Brown 0

Phones these days seem to be able to do everything almost intuitively, so it’s perfectly easy to have your phone for years, maybe with some issues you didn’t know you could fix, things you didn’t […]


7 Ways to Stay Safe Paying on Your Mobile

26/07/2016 Axel Brown 0

As smart phones become more and more powerful, and their capabilities expand, most peoples need for a traditional computer will dwindle. Therefore, it is vitally important to stay safe when paying for things online when […]

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