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Sony Announce Playstation 4 Pro

09/09/2016 Axel Brown 0

On the same day as Apple announced their new iPhone 7 model, Sony announced the release of their eagerly anticipated Playstation 4 Pro model. The Pro offers the same basic concept as the PS4, but […]

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Best Exclusive PS4 Features

03/12/2014 Oliver Green 0

The PlayStation 4 is currently outselling the Xbox One by a wide margin, but what makes the console so special? In this article we take a look at the best exclusive PS4 features to find out […]

Gaming Consoles

21 Uber Cool Xbox 360 Case Mods

17/03/2012 Uzair 85

When you had bought the Xbox 360 first, you may have liked its looks. However, after having seen it in the same design for a little too long, it begins to look boring and un-attractive. […]

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