10 Best iPhone 4 Skins

DomeSkin-Abstract-ExpressionismApple iPhone 4 is an expensive device and after investing plenty of  greens on it everyone sure thinks about protecting it. While there are cases that add rugged protection to your cases and simultaneously equip your iPhone 4 with some additional functionality and elegance, a lot of  other cases out there rob your iPhone 4 of its already ingenuous design. Also, most people buy an iPhone just to stand out and these mundane cases make standing out a little more difficult.

iPhone Skins belong to the category of iPhone accessories that adequately add a unique personalized look to your iPhone without compromising the actual protection aspect. These Skins are slim, sleek, suave and add a minimal if not “no bulk” to your iPhone 4 so that you can add a layer of abstract, vibrant, stylish or elegant looks to your iPhone 4 without breaking the bank.

There are variety of skins made from different material and blended exquisitely with creative art at a reasonable price to give your iPhone a moderate protection and impeccable beauty. Almost all these cases are adhesion based and re-usable and thus easy to install that in-turn allows you to customize your iPhone almost every day.

We have collected best skins that add a new look to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

1. DomeSkin Abstract Expressionism


This vibrant iPhone 4 skin from DomeSkin adds a cool factor to your iPhone 4 without compromising the protection aspect. It fits your iPhone 4 precisely and you can also download the same Abstract Expressionism wallpaper to your iPhone for an extraordinary customization. All DomeSkin products add a 3D look to your iPhone which gives you a break from the ‘flat’ look the iPhone has.

Price: $19.99 – DomeSkin Abstract Expressionism

2. DomeSkin World Map

DomeSkin World Map

This classic iPhone 4 skin will add an nostalgic and “Lord Of the ring” look to your iPhone and matching World Map wallpaper can be downloaded on your iPhone 4 for added personalization.

Price: $19.99 – DomeSkin World Map

3. DomeSkin Tunes

 DomeSkin Tunes

This unique skin has been exclusively designed for music aficionados to add an extra musical touch to your iPhone without compromising the protection aspect. You can download a matching wallpaper from the website too.

Price: $19.99 – DomeSkin Abstract Expressionism

4. Gel-Skin Black Hole

Gel-Skin Black Hole iPhone 4

This 3D look Black hole skin protects your iPhone’s back pretty well and they have also included a front clear screen protector to provide an end to end protection. The case is easy to apply, re-usable and does not leave any residue after removal.

Price: $8.99

5. Black Carbon fiber Skin 

Black Carbon fiber Skin

This skin is actually made from high-quality vinyl but is smartly textured and finished to provide congruent aesthetic of carbon fiber. The skin does not fall behind in providing protection as it covers back, front and even the metallic perimeter of your precious iPhone 4.

Price: $2.63

6. GelaSkins Protective “Bloom”

GelaSkins Protective "Bloom" iPhone 4 Skin

This thin stylish skin provides moderate protection to your iPhone 4 and simultaneously adds some exquisite bloomy  looks. The skin can be easily applied for repetitive use and can be removed without leaving any residue behind. Also, you can browse the gallery to download a matching bloom wallpaper to maximize customization.

Price: $14.95 – GelaSkins Protective “Bloom”

7. SGP iPhone 4 Leather Skin 

SGP iPhone 4 Leather Skin

This protective leather skin from SGP is compatible with all the iPhone 4 carrier versions and helps protect your iPhone from scratches, dust, minor bumps and oil without compromising the aesthetic aspect. The case is also compatible with Apple Bumper just in case you would want to add another layer of protection.

Price: $17.99 – SGP iPhone 4 Leather Skin

8. Gel-Skin Tye Dye

Gel-Skin Tye Dye iPhone 4

This artistic iPhone skin will sure spark a smile every-time you pull it out with its Unique Cushion HD 3D look and adequate back protection. It fits your iPhone 4 precisely and is smartly made to provide a better grip to prevent your iPhone from slipping.

Price: $8.99

9. SGP Wood Camagon Skin Guard

SGP Wood Camagon Skin

This elegantly designed protective skin from SGP fits your iPhone’s back precisely to give moderate protection while its unique design gives it some extra style points. Also, it comes bundled with a clear screen protector to provide an end to end protection.

Price: $17.99 – SGP Wood Camagon Skin Guard

10. ATC Chrome Aluminum Skin Hard Back Case

ATC Chrome Aluminum Skin Hard Back Case

This case is actually made from poly-carbonate but its smart and expert finish gives it a premium chrome aluminum look. It provides mild to moderate protection from bumps and high end protection against scratches. The skin fits your iPhone 4 precisely to provide comfortable grip and access to all the ports and sensors.

Price: $4.15 – ATC Chrome Aluminum Skin Hard Back Case

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