Top 20: Leather iPhone 4 Cases

Apple iPhone 4 is elegantly designed but some people just want to make their iPhone look more luxurious and executive. That’s where iPhone 4 leather cases come into play. Besides the rich smell and feel of leather, people also like the Leather iPhone 4 cases for their impression, compactness and protection. While there are cases exclusively made for corporate world – there are also the cases which are gender and taste specific.

Depending on the material used, manufacturing company, manufacturing process and Fashion house that makes these iPhone 4 cases there are enormous number of Leather cases available in the market.

In this post we have collected 20 Best iPhone leather 4 cases that you will love. You might also like to check unique iPhone 4 cases, 55 best iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4 car chargers.

1. Case Mate iPhone 4 Leather Hipster

Case Mate Leathe Hipster

This premium leather case has an attached Belt clip to enjoy hands free carriage of your  iPhone 4/4s. The iPhone sits in safely in the case with its magnetic flap closure.

Price: $20 | Case Mate iPhone 4 Leather Hipster

2. Beyza Uni / Stripe Lateral iPhone 4/4s Case

Beyza Uni Stripe

Made from quality leather this elegant piece of art from Beyza has a rotatory in-built leather belt clip and a smart magnetic closure to equip your iPhone  with appreciable protection and classy looks. Internally the case is lined with soft fabric to protect your iPhone from scratches and comes in two different colors.

Price: $65.46 | Beyza Uni / Stripe Lateral iPhone 4/4s Case

3. Brussardo iPhone 4 Case & wallet

Brussardo Case Wallet

Made from three layers of top class Italian grain leather this case is luxurious if not awesome. The case is a two in one which protects your iPhone 4 and also makes an extra separate space for your Cards and cash.

Price: $95.00 | Brussardo

4. Sena Creativo iPhone 4 case

Sena Creativo

A simple and elegant case for your iPhone 4 from Sena made of high quality leather provides compact, smart and rich protection. With its soft velvet inner lining and shock-absorption padded construction your iPhone stays safe from bumps, scratches plus the case is smartly cut to answer phone calls without pulling out your iPhone.

Price: $39.99 | Sena Creativo iPhone 4 case

5. Tuch for iPhone 4 Wallet Case

Tuch iPhone Wallet Case

As soon as you look at this Tuch for iPhone 4  simplicity and beauty are few words that come into mind. It is made from a piece of premium leather, precision cut and wrapped around your iPhone with no stitching, no glue, no nothing. It holds itself together and couldn’t get any simpler.

Price: $40 | Tuch iPhone 4 Wallet Case – Product no longer available.

6. SGP Skin Guard Leather iPhone 4 case

SGP Skin Guard

Many people don’t like to make there already awesome iPhone design bulky with an extra cover and for those SGP has a solution. SGP Skin Guard Leather iPhone 4 case adds a layer of fashion and elegance with a thin film of leather on the back of your iPhone and also protects the screen with a separate transparent shield.

Price: $17.99

7. Piel Frama iMAGNUM leather case for iPhone 4/4S

Piel Frama iMAGNUM

This case is made by highly specialized artisans of Piel Frama from high quality leather. This case is most versatile and functional like it has an inner thermoplastic polymer structure that provides high resistence and perfect fitting. Your iPhone sits in safely in this case with its magnetic closure and you are able to carry it along with Rotatable and completely removable Ultra Belt Clip.

Price: $ 111.40 | Piel Frama iMAGNUM leather case for iPhone 4/4S

8. SGP Argos Leather iPhone 4 case

SGP Argos

Available in black, red, pink and white color this sleek iPhone 4 case from SGP is made up of premium leather. To protect your iPhone from scratches and dust this case has an inner micro-fiber lining .

Price: $37.99

9. NeoGear Carbon Fiber Leather Flip Case

NeoGear Carbon Fiber

This amazing flip case from NeoGear protects your iPhone from scratches, bumps, dust and oil with its magnetic closure. Its vertical design makes it possible to easily remove or insert your iPhone whenever you need to.  It provides anti-slip comfortable feeling in your hands with its genuine and durable faux leather.

Price:$14.99 | Product no longer available.

10. Ted Baker iPhone 4 Case Leather Style

Ted Baker LEather Style

Available in two styles this awesome flip leather case from Ted Baker and Proporta provides ulterior protection and beauty to your precious iPhone 4. It is precisely and carefully cut to allow access to all ports and is made from finest quality faux leather.

Price: $ 54.95 | Ted Baker iPhone 4 Case Leather Style

11. Ted Baker Leather Style Pouch- Men’s

Ted Baker Leather Style Pouch for Men

This case is made from highest quality faux leather and holds your iPhone in a protective, suave and fashionable way. The case comes in two styles each lined with Ted Bakers  Spaceman or Bulldog signature lining. It is equipped with a smart release mechanism to allow easy removal of your iPhone.

Price: 47.95 | Ted Baker iPhone 4 pouch – Leather Style

12. iPhone 4 Aluminium Lined Leather Case

Aluminium Lined Leather Case

This amazing Aluminum lined case is made from finest quality leather and is specially designed to provide an extra exclusive protection to your iPhone 4 screen. The magnetic clasp not only protects your iPhone from scratches, dust etc but also doubles up to active awake/sleep function on your device.

Price: $39.95 | iPhone 4 Aluminium Lined Leather Case

13. Ted Baker Patent Leather Style – Women’s

Case Mate Leathe Hipster

With an oversized spiffy Zip and highest quality patented faux leather this case not only provides a high degree of protection but also gives your Apple iPhone 4 the upper hand in the fashion stakes. It comes in both Red and black color with exquisite satin styled lining.

Price: $ 47.95 | Ted Baker iPhone 4 pouch – Patent Leather Style

 14. Piel Frama 525 Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case

Piel Frama 525

This case manufactured by prodigious Spanish artisans of  Piel Frama is made from standard leather to give a case that is both functionally and structurally elegant and fashionable. The case features a magnetic closure and soft leather lining to provide high degree protection and style respectively.

Price: $127.00 | Piel Frama 525 Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case

15. Zagg Leather Skins for the Apple iPhone 4/4S

Zagg Leather Skins

Zagg has designed their iPhone 4’s leather skin cases, made from 100%  genuine cattle-hide leather, with premium designs embossed over the skin. There are multiple patterns you can choose from like alligator, ostrich and lizard pattern with the choice of finishes being black, tan and premium.

Price: $34.99 | Zagg LEATHER skins for the Apple iPhone 4/4S – Product no longer available

16. C.E.O. Premiere Plus iPhone 4/4S Case

C.E.O. Premiere Plus

In addition to genuine leather protection and feel this case provides it also adds a transparent shield to your iPhone to ensure ulterior protection. The case allows smart and easy retrieval of your iPhone and with its built-in belt clip, you are able to attach this C.E.O. Premiere Plus iPhone 4/4S Case to the waistband, belt or bag.

Price: $44.99

17. C.E.O. Flip-Vue iPhone 4/4s Leather case

C.E.O. Flip-Vue

This exquisite executive case is made from premium leather and protects your iPhone 4/4s from bumps, scratches, dust and oil with its smart flip-top Velcro closure. Like the previous one, this case also features a Built-in, slim belt clip for bag and belt attachment.

Price: $34.99

18. SoBe iPhone 4/4S LeatherCase

SoBe iPhone

This vertically oriented SoBe iPhone 4/4S  Case from Marware is made from high-quality leather, it hangs on fashionably and is ideal for dancing and partying the night away. The outside pocket is sized to fit an iPhone and works great with an uncovered iPhone or an iPhone protected by a thin shell-style case. The secure Velcro lid helps keep your phone in place while you’re on the move.

Price: $44.99

19. Sena Laterale iPhone 4 case

Sena Laterale

Inspired by simple Scandinavian rounded design this case has a soft velvet lining internally and its lateral design provides easy access to your iPhone in a spiffy manner. It also features a durable belt clip to provide a more corporate and luxurious look. The cases come in various colors, textures and stitch linings.

Price: $39.99

20.  Beyza MultiFlip iPhone 4 Case

Beyza MultiFlip

This ultra smart and functional case from Beyza is very unique, and has multiple openings so that you can access basic functions. Made from high-quality leather and hand crafted by experts this case has a detachable flap so you can change looks of your iPhone once in a while.

Price: 78.57 | Beyza MultiFlip iPhone 4 Case

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  1. I can’t believe you’ve missed the BEST iPhone wallet case. Vaultskin Lexx, it’s made from real leather, looks slim, sleek and very stylish. I just love it.

  2. If you looking for Ladies iphone wallet case, I recommend sexycase butterfly wallet case. I love the baby pink color which is so cute. No more black color leather case!

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