5 Weather-Proof iPad cases

As soon as Apple iPad was released, plenty of designers and manufacturers started to make cases, covers, skins and accessories for this exquisite device. There are hundreds of cases available in the market differing the material of construction used,design, functionality and other additional features.

All of these cases have at least one thing in common, and that is to provide appreciable protection from bumps, scratches, dust, shock and other abrasions. Albeit, there are some unique cases that take specifically the protection to a whole new level and Weather Proof iPad cases belong to this category of iPad cases. These cases combine art, creativity and engineering to equip your iPad from Water and other elemental damages.

1. Moxiware iPad Weatherproof Cases

Moxiware iPad Weatherproof Cases

Moxiware have an array of Waterproof cases to offer varying in aspects like color, construction material, design functionality and more. These cases not only protect your iPad from water but also add an extra layer of ruggedness thus making it a perfect protection companion for your iPad. These cases are available for all the models of iPad.

Moxiware iPad Waterproof Cases

2. LifeProof iPad case

LifeProof iPad case

This weatherproof iPad case is exclusively resistant to water, dust, shocks and other weather elements. The case makers guarantee that the case is not only water resistant, but also waterproof which actually means that you can use it in your water tub. The case also manages to look sleek, trim and exquisite despite its weatherproofing capability.

LifeProof iPad case

3. DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case

DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case

DryCase features a patent Waterproof vacuum seal protection for your iPad to protect it from rain, water without adding bulk and without ruining your iPad’s already ingenious design. The case features a three-way integrated headphone jack, and your iPad screen and back still look crystal clear with the case on it. For adventure lovers, DryCase also comes in with buoyant neoprene armband and neck lanyard. The case also fits Kindle, Galaxy, other tablets and has a one year warranty on it.

DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case

4. Aquapac Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

Aquapac Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

This Aquapac Waterproof Case is ideal for protecting your iPad from water, sand, dust and dirt. It is made from a unique UV-stabilized TPU material that will save it from discoloration on exposure to sunlight and also from breaking down. The case makers also guarantee that the case will protect your iPad even if it is submerged to a 15ft/5mt water depth but its doesn’t need to be that resistant as it has been perfectly engineered to help your iPad float safely on the water.

Aquapac Waterproof Case for Apple Ipad

5. Overboard Wwtherproof Protective iPad case

Overboard Wwtherproof Protective iPad case

This case helps keep Dust, Sand, Dirt and Water away from your iPad with particular emphasis on waterproofing. In case you accidentally drop your iPad in the water this case has the ability to lift and float it easily on the surface. They also guarantee a 5.8 Metre submersion and all this without compromising the functionality and responsiveness of your iPad.

Overboard Wwtherproof Protective iPad case

We hope you liked these cases along with the 105 other cool cases we showcased a few months back. You might want to take a look at iPad wallpapers too, while you are at it.

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