Install windows Movie Maker

How To Install Windows Movie Maker in 5 Steps

There was a time when Microsoft used Movie Maker as a marketing tool for their Operating System but with the passage of time they decided to knock it off. Windows  Movie Maker comes as a stock app for […]


Outlook 2010 Archive Not Working? How to Fix it

There are several issues that result in outlook 2010 archive not working, these include; Archive data suddenly disappears, outlook data freezes, corrupted archive files, Full archive mail box, and Modified file date problems. Auto-archive is […]

Shockwave Fash Crash
How-To Tutorials

What Causes Shockwave Flash Crash and How to Fix it

Google Chrome earned the privilege to be set as a default Browser for many users which can be attributed to its minimalism, simplicity and most prominently the speed. However, many users report about an error which shows up […]

insert movie into powerpoint
How-To Tutorials

How to Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint

The concept of using PowerPoint presentations is to get your point across easily and to utilize the full potential of visual and animated learning techniques. PowerPoint in itself is a Powerful tool to compress vast data into small slides […]

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