Outlook 2010 Archive Not Working? How to Fix it

14/03/2013 Uzair 0

There are several issues that result in outlook 2010 archive not working, these include; Archive data suddenly disappears, outlook data freezes, corrupted archive files, Full archive mail box, and Modified file date problems. Auto-archive is […]

insert movie into powerpoint
How-To Tutorials

How to Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint

27/02/2013 Uzair 0

The concept of using PowerPoint presentations is to get your point across easily and to utilize the full potential of visual and animated learning techniques. PowerPoint in itself is a Powerful tool to compress vast data into small slides […]

OMGPOP Online Pool

The 3 Best Online Pool Games

13/09/2012 Uzair 0

There are many games available in the market that help us get past boredom and kill some time. These games range from freakishly addictive MMORPG to simple nostalgic games. One can go on searching and […]

Cutomize DropBox
How-To Tutorials

How to Use SoundCloud with Dropbox

11/09/2012 Uzair 0

SoundCloud is a cloud service for music aficionados that lets you share your sounds, record, upload music and also instantly share it on social networking websites. The functionality of this tool is further accentuated by Dropbox, which […]

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