5 Best iPhone Car Chargers

Belkin iphone car charger

Apple iPhone is the most wanted device among users of all ages and occupation because it offers everything from entertainment to business productivity apps. It doesn’t come with iPhone car chargers but that can be changed. Most of the people use the iPhone way too often and for a long time, that’s why many people complain that their battery runs out quickly and also considering the fact that an American spends an average of 100 according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

While traveling in a car for work, charging your phone becomes hectic if you don’t have a proper iPhone car charger. So in this article we have collected 5 best iPhone car chargers available in the market for your Apple iPhone charging needs.

1. Belkin Micro Auto iPhone Car Chargers

Belkin iphone car charger

The Belkin iPhone car charger is a good looking 4 x 1.3 x 5 inches ; 1.6 ounces device which fits flat almost invisible on your cars 12-Volt outlet. It has a USB 2.0 which accelerated phone charging process and also helps you sync or charge your iPhone  with a laptop or desktop computer. The charger is also compatible with most of the iPod models. The company backs this product with a 1 year warranty.

Price: $12.55 | Product Page

2. Skiva PowerFlow Fast iPhone Car Charger

Skiva PowerFlow Fast iPhone Car Charger

The PowerFlow Fast iPhone car charger by Skiva  is an ideal charger for your iPhone and pumps 2.1 Amperes current into your iPhone from the 12 Volt outlet of your car, making it the one of the fastest iPhone car chargers available in the market. The device is also integrated with intelligent charging circuit which prevent your iPhone from over charging. It is also quite sturdy and will last for a long time.

Price: $15.99 | Product Page

3. Scosche Dual USB iPhone Car Charger

Scosche Dual USB iPhone Car Charger

This device from Scosche allows you to charge your iPhone and any other USB device simultaneously the the same 12 volt outlet in your car. The charger supplies 500mA of current through each of the ports using your usual USB cable. Design is beautiful, functional and fits any type of socket in the car. There is also a Blue LED which indicates whether the device has been properly inserted to get the maximum charging output.

Price: $9.99 | Product Page

 4. Giffin PowerJolt Dual Micro iPhone Car charger

Giffin PowerJolt Dual Micro iPhone Car charger

This product from Griffin measures  5 x 1.4 x 7.1 inches ; and weighs  2.9 ounces making it to fit flush into your 12V car socket. The charger supplies 1 Amp enabling your iPhone to charge quickly without over heating.

Price:  $14.15 | Product Page

5. Kensington K39243US Power Bolt

Kensington K39243US Power Bolt

This Charger from Kensington  is light weight and ultra-low profile which fits and blends perfect with any car interior. The device uses a USB cable which ships in with the charger and can be used to connect your iPhone to computer or any other device.

Price: $18.53 | Product Page

Hope you liked these iPhone car charges and one of them, if not a couple, are going to make their way onto your car. If you are a DIY kind of guy, make sure you check our DIY iPhone stands post. We have also listed some very cool iPhone retina HD wallpapers you might want to try.


  • The Skiva car charger destroyed my iphone battery. My iphone stopped working for no reason one day and I freaked out and took it to the Sprint store. The manager asked me if I had any other chargers and I told him that I bought the Skiva charger and had only used it twice. He informed me that two other customers had come in with their phone completely dead and that because they were out of stock on the 4s, they took their phones home and charged them overnight and then the next day they were working.
    So he deducted that something about the Skiva charger drained out their battery. This is highly disappointing. I’ve only had my iphone a month and the battery is totally dead. It’s on the regular apple charger charging right now. I hope it works.

  • I do not know why you are saying that Skiva drained your battery…
    It does not make sense that two other customer came with drained batteries… do you want to say that they also used Skiva?? weird?

    I have used scosche used… it was good till it last… i guess life time of 6 months is not good..
    I am using Skiva with my iPhone 4S without any problem.. it is working perfectly.. Skiva also offered one year free replacement warranty… so even if it get broken like scosche one.. i will get a new one for free!

  • Well I think you forgot the best charger … the SWIFT by winnergear … definitely the best if you want to charge your device quickly .

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