Top 20 Must Have Apps for Optimizing Android

Well to be precise over the issue of using most of Android devices, one can feel laggy and sluggish, as it sometimes goes slow, drains a lot of battery and sometimes don’t provide the best results you want from it. There is a panacea for every disease so is here, use different optimizing applications and optimize your phone to have desired output from your Android phone.

Here are the list of top 20 applications that will help you in optimizing your phone:

1.AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

An Android application that helps you in optimizing your phone, is what you can specify AutoKiller Memory Optimizer. It is an extreme task manager which helps you to attain maximum efficient output from your phone by increasing your device’s speed and helps in consuming less battery consumption. A process manager is pre-defined in it.

Download AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.

2. JuiceDefender battery saver

Most of the Android users always complain about the battery drain problem and how to fix it, well the solution may be confusing but JuiceDefender battery saver plays a much important role in saving your battery to a lot of extent. Make your battery life impeccable and help your device attain the power to remain awake.

Download JuiceDefender battery saver

3. MySettings

To toggle between different applications or settings on your Android device are a hectic process, but what if you have everything on one go? MySettings application allows you to toggle between various settings found on your device at ease. Use it and provide a comfort to your device and yourself too.

4. GO SMS Pro

This Android application brings to you the most convenient way of SMS or MMS. Simple, amazing, wonderful, optimizing and much more, what more you can expect from an application like this. GO SMS Pro is a wonderful messaging experience to behold in.

Download GO SMS Pro

5. Fast Reboot

Reboot your phone in a less time than expected just to free up the used memory and help in optimization of your device. Fast Reboot is an Android application which actually reboots all your processes without actually rebooting your phone, in turn helping you to recover the used memory and attain the best efficiency you expect from your device.

Download Fast Reboot

6. File Expert

File Expert is a powerful Android application which helps you to manage all your data present on your Android device. It not only acts as a file manager but a Wi-Fi network sharer allowing you to share your files on Wi-Fi. It is a popular application among the users and a must one for your Android device.

Download File Expert

7. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is an application that helps you in analyzing your nearby surroundings for the Wi-Fi hot spots your device might use.

Download WiFi Analyzer

8. Shush! Ringer Restorer

Silence your ringer using volume keys and have an application which asks you the time span for which you have to keep your phone silent, so that you may not remember to turn it back to normal and miss some calls on the way back. Shush! Ringer Restorer provides you with an extra edge and helps you to restore your device back after some allotted time.

Download Shush! Ringer Restorer

9. PdaNet

PdaNet is an android application allowing you to tether as well as use Bluetooth DUN program without any kind of root access. Besides this PdaNet allows you to use a SMS application allowing you to send and receive SMS instantly. PdaNet uses internet over your phone to have access on your computer.

Download PdaNet

10. Screebl  – Get Your Screen On

Have you thought of keeping your phone screen on and still can save your battery, Screebl provides you that extra bit of allowing you to do so. Buy Screebl and enjoy various power saving features, which in turn depend on the orientation of your screen.

Download Screebl  – Get Your Screen On

11. Gmote 2.0

Gmote 2.0 is an Android application which allows you to manage and control your computer’s media player through your Android device. Your device gets changed into remote control which in turn controls your computer’s media player on the go. This all works on a Wi-Fi connection.

Download Gmote 2.0


Internet testing is one of the most carry over thing a user does not frequently but often. provides a pathway to test your internet speed and connection reliably. It is the most recommended application over in the market. With less time span and efficient results it has to be the best over the rest.


13. Apps Organizer

Apps Organizer, an Android application which allows you to organize your application by using labels, if you want to organize your contacts, bookmarks and much more use Apps Organizer and create shortcuts for every feature.

Download Apps Organizer

14. Advanced Task Killer

An advanced task manager in case of Android based devices, used to kill applications. You may find some improper ties with it but reinstalling it would provide you good remedies and solve all your problems. Clean up your used memory, kill the applications and optimize your device to its full efficient use.

Download Advanced Task Killer.

15. SetCPU for Root Users

An android application for root access Android devices to help them serve better by changing the CPU settings so that your device would provide you with maximum performance and less battery consumption. This application is only for rooted devices, various devices fall in this list including Samsung s-II, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Razor and so on.

Download SetCPU for Root Users

16. Tasker

An Android application which allows you to change very settings from basic to the most complex ones in one goes. This application is not available in its free edition but it is worth some cents. It totally helps your device in optimising its level.

Download Tasker

17. ROM Manager

The most important and the best of them all present in the Android market/Google play store is ROM manager. This application is must for every Android rooted devices who keep changing ROMS and this application also allows them to backup their existing ROMS.

Download ROM Manager

18. GPS Status & Toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox is an Android application which allows you to manage GPS data on your palms. You can have your GPS data and sensor on your screen and allow yourself to confront with it, thereby providing you the best you want from your device.

Download GPS Status & Toolbox.

19. HangApp

Most of the times you tend to hang up a phone call but you are not in a way to actually touch your phone, use this application and put the phone down on its face to hang up the call. The coolest  application available in the market so far is what actually HangApp calls for.

Download HangApp

20. Easy Battery Saver

Make your battery life impeccable and help your device attain the power to remain awake. Most of the Android users always complain about the battery drain problem and how to fix it, well the solution may be confusing but Easy Battery Saver plays a much important role in saving your battery to a lot of extent.

Download Easy Battery Saver

We hope that these apps will help you optimize your android phone. You should also check must-have android apps and best android apps. You can also check upcoming android phones of 2012.


  1. Smoptmizer Pro is a new app with useful features to optimize your android phone. Try from Google play store. It has many features to effectively use the phone features turning on/off whenever you need them automatically. The wifi optimization lets you automatically turn on wifi near your favorite network and turn them off when you are out of range. Great power saver as well

    don’t instal optizmizing apps.. Delete all no needed apps. Okay, now you can go.

  3. these were real good thanks !!! 😀
    i just went through while reading it and downloaded basically all of them hahaah

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